• Yes, It should - anyone who says it shouldnt is obviously an idiot.

    Statutory rape is still consensual sex. When I was thirteen someone tried to molest me and I pushed him and ran away. I have a hard time believing a 17 year old is a victim in any way especially in our hyper-sexualized culture. Every country in Europe the age of consent is lower than 18. So a man has sex with a 16 year old in a state where its legal and its a good time and if the same act happens in another state he is a predator or a pedaphile? Give me a fricken break, grow up people.. Most people know exactly what they are doing sexually by 15 and only bitter vindictive and disfunctional loser women report stat "rape" after a year or two.

  • No, there shouldn't. What kind of crap is this?

    This is extremely screwed up. Why should there be a time frame? How dumb is that? This is just proof that Americans are supporting pedophiles now. And what reason would there be to have a time frame? That's just letting the molester go freely. Then he could be doing the same crap to other kids, and then getting away with it! This is corruption. The US is corrupted, the entire world is corrupted.

  • No, there should not be a statue of limitations for statutory rape

    Statutory rape involves many cases where the victim is unable to come to terms with the assault and rape until many years later. A statute of limitations on these crimes enables the rapist to think that, if they do enough mental damage to the victim, then they won't come out with the accusation until after the statute of limitations has passed. This would reduce the effectiveness of the justice system and encourage horrible behavior.

  • There should not be a statue of limitations for statutory rape.

    There should not be a statue of limitations for statutory rape. I think that as long as a case can be proven against the individual then it deserves to be heard by the judge. I think that it would be wrong to put a time limit on this because sometimes they are not easy to catch.

  • No, there should not be.

    I do not think there should be a statute of limitation for any major crime, at all. Just because time has passed doesn't mean that it's okay. I never really understood this ridiculous case. As for statutory rape, this crime should always be evaluated on a case to case basis.

  • No, there shouldn't be a statute of limitations for statutory rape.

    I do not believe that there should be a statute of limitations for statutory rape. I think that such a horrible crime should not have a time frame in which the guilty can avoid any type of punishment for their crime. I think just like murder, there shouldn't be a time frame for the crime.

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