• Yes, I think a overall ethics code would be nice

    I think if you have a guideline for an overall plan of action,you could solve many issues. The research is going to depend on the ethics question reached. I know some will ask more than others,but if you can use a overall practice that has sub parts for specific research the issues should be resolved.

  • Yes, there should be.

    Of course there should be a strict code of ethics for every reserch project. You want every bit of research to be carried out as humanely as possible. I do think ethical discussions, though, hinder some research and that it's mostly done by people who don't do any actual research.

  • It makes research legitimate.

    Yes, there should be a strict code of ethics for each and every research practice, because it is needed so that the research is valid. Without ethics, research can be done in a way that is harmful to subjects. People can steal research material from each other, or they can make up findings and conclusions. Ethics make research valid.

  • Ethics lead to validity.

    If research is conducted without ethics, the most important part of the research, the validity, is at stake. Beyond just the validity, ethics ensure that researchers act responsibly. The medical research conducted by the Nazis on the jewish prisoners advanced medical practice. However, the research itself was unethical because it treated humans like things. Humanity must not be sacrificed for results.

  • Yes there should be.

    In regards to research I am going to focus on medical research. I think that people who are part of the studies should be protected. There needs to be harsh restrictions on what should be done. The monetary rewards are not hardly enough considering what all the subjects have to go through.

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