• making you skinny

    I think that we should put an end on foods that makes you fat so that when we need to go somewhere important we can look presentable. For you it might not be much of a problem but to me it is so lets stop obesity and change the world of tommorow

  • Dragon Fat facts

    OK so as you know there are obese people because of junk food... so if the spread to the Dragon World then you wont see flying dragons no more... If the dragons dont fly, then the world will end on 2012 because the mayans predicted about the destruction or extinction of the mighting beasts!

  • Um, for our HEALTH

    If people will not listen to health experts on eating healthy foods over processed foods, then the government needs to fix it. How will it be done? Taxes. Healthy foods will be more AFFORDABLE for everyone because more people will buy healthy foods, decreasing the prices. Processed foods will look less appealing with the increasing cost. Then, voila, there will be more healthy people. It's necessary.

  • yes

    yes. too many people are fat and too many children are looking like mini butter balls. If fatty food were taxed people would think twice before buying fatty foods that arent healthy and that can kill them. Candy, doughnuts, and sugary drinks shouldnt be cheaper than healthier foods. Its basically killing some people day by day. Diabetes are more common today then they everwhere

  • The cost is killing us!

    The cost is latterly killing us. The low cost of junk food draws in low budget shoppers. They fill their carts with white breads, frozen pasta dishes, prepackaged desserts, and highly processed meats. The low cost are great for those living in the moment, but what about the long term effects of eating foods like this? Poor diet choices such as eating foods such as the ones listed above can lead to obesity. Obesity can cause heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, strokes, and respiratory problems, all of these cost substantial amounts to treat and if left untreated they can lead to death. The low cost that pull in customers may in the end cost them their lives.

  • Obesity in America

    America is one of the most rate for obesity and it is hurting America. Obesity is a major cause of several health conditions, which at the moment I do not have the time to look up and document, however I can remember that obesity is a contributing factor to both arterial problems and heart problems. Smoking, as most people know by now, is a habit which harms a person's health and contributes to numerous problems. Because of this fact and the eight that it has on national healthcare, it is taxed because of this.

  • America is fat.

    1. Diet-related obesity, diabetes and heart disease are now the nation's No. 1 public health problem, generating an estimated $150 billion in health-care costs every year.
    2. One in every three children born since the year 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime.

    We need to replace French Fries with Apple Slices and imitation meats with the real deal. Ya feel me brah?

  • yes, it's not health for the people in this country.

    the united states is the most known country in the world for obesity, dietetics, and high blood pressure. All because people don't care about their body. the people who disagree i feel are careless and won't ever care until they get a sweet taste of bad health problems in the future. Lord forbid just being honest. i believe if the Government was to put a tax on fatty foods maybe, people will stop buying more of it, think, and care for their self and kids. Plus i promise it'll save you money!

  • If the industry wants to bastardize foods with chemical processing and fats, tax them to offset the farm fresh foods

    Not enough people are aware of the adverse effects of chemicals in foods (doctors included) so their purchases are based on affordability and addiction. They cannot put together why it is that they cannot eat just one chip, fail on restrictive calorie diets, binge, and/or continue to put on weight throughout their lives. The assumption is that these people lack the will to be healthy. The reality is that, in many cases, is that their subconscious mind is doing everything in its power to survive (let me elaborate).

    A typical recommendation to an obese person is to restrict calories. The typical notion of "calories in calories out". In doing so, the motivated dieter goes to the supermarket and buy items labeled diet which are conveniently labeled with caloric amounts. What they don't see is the chemicals added in and/or understand what the short and long term effects of those chemicals are. During this caloric restriction time, he/she is foregoing adequate nutrients while ingesting chemical laden foods which promotes hunger (part of the marketing process), and training the body to prepare for starvation.

    But suppose his/her will is strong enough to fight the body's survival responses, he will only loose so much fat until his body starts burning away muscle. During this time he becomes fatigued, short tempered, and miserable to all the people around him. The assumption is that he is taking in way too much calories which is not always the case.

    There are many reasons a person gains weight. The obvious one is that the person eats too many calories. But often overlooked is hormones/chemicals in foods that are toxic to the body. Did you know that the majority of chemicals/metals/contaminants we consume get stored in fat as part of a means to protect the organs and liver? Another culprit of weight gain is not eating enough. Without adequate calories and/or nutrients, a body will crave foods and during the inevitable binge, it will store for the upcoming fast.

    If he hasn't had enough stresses with the change in diet, chemical additive addictions, special food shopping, fighting cravings his subconscious, then that's where his (so called) friends and family want to jump in to provide their laymen expertise. Not only does this make things even tougher, but becomes such a pleasant reminder on how he's effecting everyone around him, and how much everyone cares to be critical of everything he consumes.

    All the processed foods, genetically altered foods, and hormone injected meats need to be limited from or removed from diets in order to achieve balance.

    So should their be a tax on fatty foods? Yes and No! Taxes should be put on processed foods and hormone injected meats.

  • Obesity and You

    Obesity is a major cause of several health conditions, which at the moment I do not have the time to look up and document, however I can remember that obesity is a contributing factor to both arterial problems and heart problems.
    Smoking, as most people know by now, is a habit which harms a person's health and contributes to numerous problems. Because of this fact and the eight that it has on national healthcare, it is taxed because of this. Alcohol is a contributing factor to several deaths each year, both from drunk driving and from liver damage along with other potential problems. Both of these things are taxed because of it.
    Why then should someone who wants a drink, damaging their health, or to smoke a cigarette, which damages their health, be taxed, but someone who wants to eat unhealthy food, which damages their health, not be taxed?

    Posted by: a.m
  • Is it the truth or is it a lie?

    A fatty tax is another way of getting money from the people. With that said, does the government really care or is it a lie? In my opinion, it's a lie wrapped up in their type of truth. My example - it is said that when we are not to do something, we do it anyway.

  • No tax on fatty food.

    Why should the government have a say it what people want to eat? It's their money not the governments they should be able to buy what they want to eat. Everyone should be allowed to choice the way they want to eat. You have the right to eat what every you want. People that eat the junk food, know what is in it and they decide whether or not to eat it. Yes the obesity rate in America is going up. But hey that's what the people decide to eat. The government should NOT have a say in what people should eat. If you want to eat fatty foods then go right ahead, its your choice. No one should be telling you how you should and shouldn't eat.

  • Try your experiment in schools and I promise it will not work.

    At my middle school lunch cost $2, if you qualify 50 cents. They sell ice cream and cheeseburgers almost every day as a special item for 1.25 up to 2.50. It's not how cheap you make the healthy choice, people will still get the unhealthy option no matter how much it costs.

  • Everyone should not have to suffer because of the condition of a few...

    Why should everyone have to suffer when only a few people are affected by obesity? It is in everyones right to eat whatever they please, and I would not be happy if I had to pay more for food just because others cannot get their weight under control. If they really wanted to be slimmer, they would not be eating this fatty foods in the first place. So who are we to judge? Some people actually enjoy being a bit bigger than most and all the power to them!

  • No, I do not believe we should tax junk-food.

    Many people have junk food as part of a well-balanced diet and active lifestyle. Why should these people have to pay more for a treat? These people will be paying more and more money to the government for a problem that they didn’t cause, and that just doesn’t seem fair. Junk-food isn’t the cause of this obesity; this is caused by a sedentary lifestyle. People who sit around all day, on the couch, eating unhealthy foods, doing absolutely nothing; it's not surprising they get overweight. However, if they eat the same amount of junk food, but have an active lifestyle, they will be perfectly healthy. Junk food is not the main cause of obesity. What about those people who can eat and eat junk food but with no seeming effect compared to those who can eat healthy but still be a bigger build? So many people eat junk food on a regular basis but are quite healthy. This is because they keep a good, active lifestyle.
    My second point is that low-income earners will feel the impact of a tax most. So many people today are struggling to come through with mortgages, and do not want to spend more money on the cheapest food around. If the tax is introduced, then the people who can’t afford it will be looked down upon by the people who can. This would lead to a separation of the classes and this could lead to kids being bullied at school and on the streets. Basically, if we do place a tax on junk-food, then healthy foods will be seen as a sign of poverty.
    To sum up, I believe that we should not impose a tax on junk food, because non-obese people will be discriminated against, and because low income earners will feel the impact most.

  • Really? Who would support more taxes?

    I don't care what the issue is, I would never support any more tax burdens being placed on the American public. When will we stop trying to be big brother to the entire country with all of this type of interference? Does anyone think that more taxes are going to stop people from eating junk food, or fatty foods?

  • No.

    This tax is just another way for the government to rob us. I am a size 8, I exercise regularly and eat a fairly balanced diet - eating a chocolate bar is not going to make me obese, yet the government wants to charge me more to combat obesity. If unhealthy food is going to increase in price to encourage people to eat healthier, is healthy food going to decrease in price? I doubt it.

  • There shouldn't be a taxon fast food

    There shouldn't/ be a tax on fast food because fast food should be convenient, easy to have on the run and cheap. Putting a tax on these foods will defeat their major purpose. Did you know that a can of coke has the same amount of sugar as a can of apple juice? The purpose of a tax on fast food would be to stop people getting obese. Right? Putting a tax on fast food is like putting a tax on apple juice. And besides, its up to the individual if they would like to be skinny or not. For my reasons stated above, there should not be a tax on fast food.

  • We need to take care of ourselfs

    If the government is making all of our decisions for us we and our children will never be able to make our own decisions and suffer for our own consequences. I don't think anyone should have to pay more for food when there is only a handful of people that need to watch what they eat and if they become obese then that is there choice.


    sounds silly, to have a freedom just to eat, but lets be honest people, we live in America. So yes, we have freedoms to almost everything and that includes eating! Besides it's no ones business what you eat and how much you eat. Let people live there life and leave them alone, if you don't like what you see then close you're eyes! I'm not even part of those "America is fat" people you are referring too and people have the freedom to eat! Lets make sure it stays that way

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Anonymous says2013-03-25T02:01:38.927
i think if you tax unhealthy food you need to use all the fund of the unhealthy tax to subsidise the healthy food
Anonymous says2013-05-05T20:19:57.233
Yes. Its not just a few people who are obese its 60 billion. It is still your choice to buy the foods you want to buy. The government is trying to guide and warn about what not to eat and clearly since the obesity rate has doubled in the past 30 years we need to take the matter more seriously. If a bag of chips was only a dollar but the price increased by two dollars why would you buy it when right in front of our eyes is an apple and granolla bar thats just as satisfying.