Should there be a tax on sugary foods/beverages?

Asked by: Zoecri
  • Obesity is a beast.

    Surgery drinks can cause a lot of health problems is consumed often, even if the individual doesn't become obese. I see it as best to raise the price through taxes to make it be more of a treat to the general public and less of an every day or even every week thing. The taxes from this should go towards healthcare,

  • It would help keep people healthier

    The adult obesity rate in the USA is now above 20%. The average amount of sugar in soda is 39g, which is a large problem if an average of 44.7 gallons consumed per person, per year. Soft drinks and sugary foods are a large factor in obesity, and making it more expensive would decrease the amount of buyers, so it just makes sense that a tax on soft drinks and sugary foods would help.

  • Yes tax sugar

    Sugar is a poison but it tastes good. Unfortunately, companies has taken advantage of the taste without regard to what it does to the human body. The best way to curb the obesity and the associated metabolic diseases is by curbing the amount of sugar we consume. Companies, knowingly or unknowingly, will not reduce the sugar level in their drinks because what is important to them is are we profitable. In this case, profitability and the health of the population are at odds with each other.

  • It worked on cigarettes why not soda

    Almost 8 million American lives were saved sense 1964. Labels work if parents start to see how bad it actually is they might stop buying it which would stop kids from drinking it. Also research shows that sugar afrcts parts of your brain that addictive drugs like cocane. And a 12-once soda a day can increase your risk of a heart atack by 30%.

  • No government intervention on what we eat.

    It's simply not the place of the government to attempt to dictate what we can and cannot eat or drink. Moreover, whenever the government attempts to step in and control free enterprise and stunt a certain part of the market, the economy ends up hurting because fewer people will buy the product that the government is imposing an additional tax on.

  • None of their Business

    I mean, I don't care if this is about fat people or health or whatever. This is America and we do what we want. Obesity is a problem but having a fat tax is not the way to solve it. If you think that it is, you should get help.

  • Anything is good in moderation

    Having restrictions on petty things like food and drink because they are healthy or unhealthy is honestly a little unrealistic. It's definitely a good thing to take the initiative to bring the obesity rates back down, but it also restricts the freedoms of the people. I can understand taxing on harmful materials like cigarettes because there is nothing safe about them. Food, however, is only unhealthy if you take in too much of it at once. Also, if you put a tax on sugary beverages, you would have to tax other fattening and sugary foods to make things fair. Overall, it's just not a good idea.

  • It's just a drink

    A lot of people want a tax on sodas, but instead of it helping, it would just cause chaos. People would get angry at the government, and cause havoc. Plus, instead of soda becoming more expensive, it would just become cheaper. The sellers would lower the price in order for people to pay the same amount. That's why we shouldn't have a tax on sugary drinks.

  • Give money to the government?

    It must take a special kind of knucklehead/socialist to argue, in essence, "It's not good for you - so give money to the government." That's never an adequate excuse, whether it's concerning Mountain Dew or Camel cigarettes. And what, pray tell, would they do with the money? Reduce taxes on something else? By television/internet ads from some lobbyist ad organization? Nope, I think I'll pass on that deal. I find that I invest my money better than the government.

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