Should there be a test or course that a person must pass before they can become a parent?

  • Yes and no.

    Checks on criminal records and psychological exams for things such as (Dementia, schizophrenia, etc..) Or anything that can lead to the parent being harmful to the child should be required. But nothing based on personality, intelligence or anything regarding personal behavior, which would be completely biased on unfair to those who are part of the minority in society.

  • Must Pass

    Yes, there should be a test or course that a person must pass before they can become a parent. So many young parents now days are not prepared for the stress that comes with having a child. Their lives change so quickly and they go from having a lot of freedom to having their days and nights spent caring for the demands of a new infant. There are so many stories in the news any more about infants and toddlers being abused, some dying. Prospective and new parents should be required to go through a parenting course where a life-like crying doll goes home with them for a week. The doll’s body would record the date and time for any slapping, hitting, or shaking, which would result in failing and having to repeat the course.

  • There definitely should be.

    Because we are having more and more teen pregnancies, they need to be educated. There's nothing worse than a parent not knowing what to do with their child. It's also reassuring that you are able to have a course to learn. There are so many cases of abuse etc. I'd love to see courses. It may start a new idea about children. No more tiger moms who just treat their children like money makers who need to do well in school, or pets that were just an 'accident'. Family might just become a happier place to be in now.

  • Absolutely yes!

    People want kids but they don't wanna treat them like individual human being! Most parents cause their child suffer by abusing the child in the name of discipline, Most parents lack in rational morality, They pass their irrational moral values to the next generations which causes lack of rationality in the society so there must be a test to become a responsible parent

  • We take a test for everything else in our lives but to support a new life is a right?

    Sorry but look at the world today, We have 15% of our world living with a form of disability. Now I’m not sayin that their life isn’t worth living, I am saying that we could possibly lessen the amount of people living with disabilities by regulating procreation. I do see how this can be highly problematic as forcing abortion is just absurd, But I do think we could make birth control a lot more accessible and free! Both for men and women. As accidents do happen, Well this is when you could say that it is too bad, You must deal with the consequences. Why is it that we get a license to drive and if we drink and drive we get a DUI as a consequence but to have a child and ruin their life comes with no consequences? That’s wrong

  • Yes. Good Parenting Skills Help Children Grow Into A Mentally and Psychologically Healthy Adult.

    Good Parenting skills help children grow healthily, When parents are mentally ready and they acknowledge parents' behavior affect children in so many ways, So they will know how to care for the children, Provide children enough attention, How to communicate with the children, The right way to award children of their good behavior, The right way to punish the children of their bad behavior, Avoid causing emotion traumas to the children, And it will prevent narcissist person to ruin children's life, Cause narcissist person, Emotional unavailable person cannot love their children, And the way they raise children is going to cause traumas in the children's life, And it will affect the children in a long term, Especially in their adulthood, Children of narcissist / emotional unavailable person will most likely find themselves stay in toxic relationships, Or they will become the abuser in the relationship to abuse the other person in the relationship with them, Just like their narcissist parents.

  • Before you can have children you should be financially and professionally prepared before you can have children.

    I personally believe it shouldn't be the governments responsibility to support other people's children. If you want children you should be financially stable and have the qualifications to raise and support a child. I think the issue should be more addressed by the elected officials who hold public office and represent the people. It has become a public concern

  • The test should be required

    The test may vary from an individual to individual, Obvious enough a single test won't be suitable for all, However, The quality of life and education of children will be on the rise as parents will be educated on how to take care of physical and mental health of their child. In addition, Fewer orphanages will take place. Gotta give a right to live a good life to all.

  • Some Of The Questions That Should Be Mandatory:

    - Do you think vaccines cause autism?
    - Do you think homosexuality is a sin?
    - What does a healthy balanced diet consist of to you?
    - If you are in a relationship, As there been a history of abuse?
    - Do you think corporal punishment is appropriate?

  • My babies smart-er than I am!

    Babies having babies, Is, Over the past decade or two, Is obvious, At least to me. 16, 17 and 18 year old kids becoming parents and eventually becoming single because males are a flight risk. We have to pass a test to drive a vehicle and kids are a vehicle for our future. No body likes mentally challenge individual, No matter how cute they are. . .

  • Anyone with so much as a fourth of a brain can see why this would be wrong.

    What about those who become pregnant and fail the test? Will they be forced to have abortions? The idiot over there who wrote an entire wall of text and still didn't manage to make a point appears to have forgotten that we already have programs to help abused or neglected children; they just aren't funded or managed effectively.

    In addition, a test like that could well be turned into a form of eugenics, with criteria that would discriminate against the disabled or other societal minorities.

    Finally, you're an idiot if you think people don't get pregnant by accident anymore just because we have birth control. Condoms can break during sex, birth control pills can fail, and some people just don't have access to the informative and accurate sex education needed to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

    In short, it wouldn't be financially, ethically, or reasonably feasible to force people to take a test before they have children.

  • This won't help.

    Here are the problems with the parent test.

    1.) Will make it harder and more expensive for the good parents who are already struggling to get pregnant and have to spend money on things like invetro.
    2.) There is no way to account for PND, the change people have when they have a child, and where exactly do you cut people off.
    3.) There are already organizations to try and help kids in these scenarios, but their funding keeps getting cut. Don't add another program that will not only take money from these programs but cause even more problems.
    4.) How are you going to facilitate this. Every person who has a child and doesn't pass the test has to give it up? To the system, that already is getting more and more corrupt because we keep cutting the spending? That still isn't a good option. Or are you going to "fix" everyone until they apply. Hello to increase of STDs. Or are you going to force abortions? That won't go over well at all in this country.
    5.) Who is the judge. How do you decide who is fit and who is not. This program will go for a bit and then have its funding cut like everything else and become corrupted.

    A test is a very bad idea.

  • This is outrageous!

    All people around the world have never had to take this test, so why now? Is the government trying to take away all our rights? Are they trying to show the people what model of government they believe in? From now on, let's just call them NAZI's.
    What if they DO get pregnant by ACCIDENT, then what? Do they have to "return" the baby? Would they have to "put it down," because by the way this test idea is going, that sounds just about right. Stick that in your juice box and suck it.
    -ben & chris

  • No person should ever be tested for IQ in order to become a parent.

    Our constitution guarantees us the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Becoming a parent is one of the greatest pursuits of happiness I can think of. No one should lose their child because someone judges them as to stupid. Instead of tearing apart families why don't we go back to the "It takes a village to raise a child" way of life?

  • This is outrageous!

    All people around the world have never had to take this test, so why now? Is the government trying to take away all our rights? Are they trying to show the people what model of government they believe in? From now on, let's just call them NAZI's.
    What if they DO get pregnant by ACCIDENT, then what? Do they have to "return" the baby? Would they have to "put it down," because by the way this test idea is going, that sounds just about right. Stick that in your juice box and suck it.

  • This is insane.

    I have heard this question for years, implying that somebody else should decide if you're qualified to do something that is none of their business.

    Who would enforce this entire thing? Let's see... Probably the men and women who do business at gunpoint, who call themselves "government". Are we really going to ask for them to have more control over our lives? Are we aiming for a Nazi-like world, where the men and women who call themselves "government" decide who lives and dies?

    I believe this is one of the "holy grails" of the tyrants... To get public support for deciding who is allowed to reproduce.

  • No, there is no way to have a test fair and complete enough to make such decisions.

    In the US, we can barely agree on what to teach kids in school and how testing should be applied to see if a student should graduate high school. How could we ever hope to have a test that is objective, balanced and complete enough to measure if a person is suitable to be a parent.

  • Did Your Parents Have To Pass A Test?

    Our parents before us didn't have to pass a test, and yet the majority of human beings are good willed and can make sound decisions. Our different circumstances in life, our different points of view on how a child should be parented make us who we are. Having a child is a personal decision that should remain between a mother and their child. Having to pass a class to become a parent is like having to pass a course to be a woman or a man - it's unnatural.

    What needs to be done is follow up. New parents should be given support and followups to make sure that children are safe and taken care of.

    There are options like adoption for unplanned pregnancies in most countries.

    You can not tackle the problem of mistreated children by restricting who can and can not have kids. There's a whole cycle out there fueled by war and poverty. Tackle the cycle as a whole.

    Besides, who gets to make this test? Who gets to decide who's fit to procreate? How do we know the tests won't be misused to get rid of what supremacists think are "accident races".

    Sometimes a child from a not so great background grows up to be a person who has the hindsight to change the world.

    Give humanity a chance.

  • No, it would never work.

    Of course it would be great if there was some basic smarts and a few people skills before someone became a parent. But unless we are in a police state, that will never work. Besides, there is just no way on earth to know what it will feel like until you take your own child home.

  • This is outrageous!!! Cntd.

    After listening to our arguments about parents NOT having to take a test to have children, I hope that you have left the dark side, and have finally come to your senses in knowing that if we let the government decide who can and who can't have a child, we are abiding by the laws of the horrible... NAZI's!!! Stick that in your juice box and suck it!
    -ben & chris

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