Should there be a time limit on assistance from the government?

  • Should there be a time limit on assistance from the government?

    If you take a few minutes to think about the services being offered to the poor, you may have a hard time balancing your own budget. Low income individuals receive many hidden benefits not considered by taxpayers. First and foremost, medicaid pays 100% of all medical costs. Free family planning, birth control,way too many emergency room visits rather than waiting for an appointment, there are many who get angry about being asked to pay co-pays of $1.00, the wic - women, infants and children program gives families with young children additional food vouchers, not included in the federal food stamp program. Heating and energy assistance pgm provides 2-4 fuel and/or electric benefits per household each season, there are other federal perks - for instance if a family household worked a month, or 2 or 3, they will be eligible for the eitc (earned income tax credit) per child, and the child tax. Have you ever seen someone receive almost $10,000 as a tax refund? Free school lunches, housing subsidies paying all, and all but $20 of someone's $750 rent. Free phone cards and free unlimited texting once all the minutes are gone. Eligible households can apply for animal spaying or neutering, have their kids go to camp for free, and many areas have free summer lunch programs for kids.there are other local subsidies such as ny state who in 2009 issued a $200 per child stimulus to food stamp households (5 children, $1,000) with school age children. There was a back order for big screen tv's and other non-school electronics items. It was the local storekeepers who called attention to the emptied beer shelves and TV back orders. Are there truly needy individuals? Yes. Are we truly helping those that need the help? You'll have to answer that yourself. How long does it take to make change? If one can become a lawyer, doctor, or one of many professions in ten years or less, how long should an individual depend on public welfare and those many other social programs to support them? Without limits and limitations, even our own children would take advantage. Who wouldn't?

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  • Necessity causes change

    Many people who are receiving government assistance either do not have a job because they do not feel like they need one or they do not try hard enough to find one. The ones who do spend all their money on drugs and trivial things rather than paying their bills. If there were a time limit, it would force them to realize that they need money form a job and make them save money while they were on governnment aid.

  • Pay them based off the taxes they paid in their past

    Everybody that gets assistance from the government should only get the limit of the taxes they paid prior to getting "help" from these programs. After they pass the limit then they are taken off and have to repay that loan we gave them for their hardship. It's only fair the rest of us in the world always have to cut checks to people for our food, housing and utilities. They should be responsible to pay that back.

  • Limit the assistance

    Pass a monthly drug test, housing inspection, and a background check. Apply for the assistance, keep the assistance for 12 months. After that, you recycle to the bottom of the applicants, go through the process again, monthly drug test, housing inspections, and a background check, and you get government assistance for 6 months. After that you're done. Good luck. And when in the assistance program, if you're arrested for say, DUI, drug possession, etc., you're automatically disqualified and cannot be approved for at least 5 years. 18 months should be plenty of time to get a job and do something with your life no matter how small that may be.

  • Of course there needs to be time limits

    Some people do need help.. But with 75 percent of the children today on some form of government program we should look at the parents of these kids.. These people want want want.. Welfare was designed to keep you down because as soon as you start working or have more money they take it away.. They do the same thing in the school districts rewarding ignorance. Welcome to America 101.. All you fokes with your hands out remember when your government is big enough to give you everything. They are big enough to take everything away.. So dont come crying when one day the government makes you tie your tubes and TAKES your child away when you have your 4th for free on the backs of the tax payers.. You want to talk about fair.. Life aint fair.. Is it fair for money to be taken out of my check for you not being a responsible adult?? And the people crying how they need it dont even have a freakn idea how much it is to actually pay to deliver a child.. With good insurance in texas 4500$$ .. So you without what do you think it cost america to keep HELPING YOU OUT??

  • Yes, welfare is no excuse for laziness.

    Although there are hard workers out there, many people use welfare as a way to bring in free income. This money is coming tax payers dollar, which is from hard working people who earn their own income. A time limit will possibly motivate people into looking deeper into finding a job. Taxes will be lowered do to the government not needing to pay for the welfare. There will also be less confrontation between the tax payers and the government. Although once again I'm not saying all people on welfare are lazy people, but majority are taking advantage of the government.

  • There should be a limit,assistance shouldn't be years

    I went to school with many kids that came from families who seem to always be getting some kind of assistance especially housing. I'm sorry but I don't think assistance should be given for years unless it's like disability for someone who is truly disabled and can't work.

    A lot I know getting assistance are not honest with their income and get a lot under the table they are not reporting. This shouldn't be allowed and I think if people are able to afford new cars and new smartphones, someone should investigate on if they really need assistance.

    I'm sorry but someone getting assistance who lives better than someone who works hard and makes too much for any assisstance, shouldn't be living in a nicer house, nicer car or eating 3 meals a day because they want to continue to work the least amount of time and not aim for a job that pays more than minimum wage.

  • Get back to work you lazy slobs

    All of these people saying that there shouldn't be a time limit probably have some sort of bias. I don't care if you have 4 children that you conceived just to get more money from the government, you don't deserve to get it. If you cant be bothered to get a better education or a job period you should be cut off and kids taken away from you. Why should anyone pay for someone else that just mooches due to lack of intelligence and motivation to get a job and are just plain lazy. The funny thing is some drive better cars than those who work everyday. If you have a legitimate disability like you cant walk or hear or talk then fine but mental illness like depression or anxiety is not a good enough excuse not to work. You can get jobs where you don't have to be around people. I know plenty who work who are in a wheelchair for life. There is no excuse good enough to get assistance.

  • Make that deadbeat work!

    Because people that stay on it indefinitely have no incentive to work or do better for themselves because they know that that aid will always be there for them. Take it away, dog eat dog, Darwin's theory, get these lazy people to work or let them starve. Im sick and tired of my taxes paying for these deadbeats abusing the system and living off of me.

  • No limit to welfare

    If you agree with the other side on this matter you are ultimately allowing yourself to be persuaded by the darkness of humanity. Do not let those in need die just because you want to save a few extra bucks from taxes they would used to keep their own families alive.

  • There should not be time limit for welfare

    There are different circumstances where not everyone can stand on there own feet. There are single mom who have children who have to pay through college while she does not have support from anyone else and if she suddenly is off of welfare how will she go on with her children. Eventually poverty will be a big issue in the US and as a developed country we don't want America to have an increase in poverty

  • Let There be no time limit!

    Why?If some one gets kicked off it the government get loads of cash for it!So if you get on they are going to get loads of cash latter on!All you do would be "Giving" them money to waste and you'll end up poorer than you were before!So what do you say!Let them have money and get kicked off or you stay on and keep your money!?

  • I'm 50/50 on this topic

    I think that if your going to have any form of assistance, the person(s) should prove a stable income and keep it or atleast prove that they are looking. As long as they are keeping a stable income and still falling under a low income family, than that shouldn't have a time limit. At the same time, I think if there they fall under lazy or doing better then those without assistance then yes to a time limit or just straight up kicked off the whole thing.

  • Government help should be judged on a case-by-case basis.

    People who abuse the system should, of course, be kicked out of it. But, many
    people have lifelong problems, such as phobias, anxiety or physical inhibitions that keep them from functioning in society, and there should be no limit on the help they can get.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • I don't agree that there should be a time limit on assistance from the government. Children should not have to pay for the mistakes of their parents and sometimes these children need government support for just the basic things in life.

    While most families will do quite alright under the time limits set on assistance from the government, there are quite a few families with vulnerable children that will not. I don't believe that most people or families receiving assistance from the government WANT to be on it and try their best to make a better life for themselves and their children.

    Posted by: EnthusiasticJerrell73
  • No, there should not be a time limit on assistance from the government, as long as the person being assisted can show a reasonable amount of effort towards getting off of assistance, and the assistance is still needed.

    Times are bad, and there is no set amount of time it might take to get a job or make ends meet. As long as the person on government assistance is making a real effort that they can document towards getting a job and getting off of the program, then they should be allowed to stay. If the government just kicked people off after a set time limit, it would leave them with no options, and just cause them to fall into some other assistance program, and most likely make them homeless. Once they reach that level, there is almost no chance of them ever getting back on their feet.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • I disagree that there should be a time limit on government assistance because circumstances vary widely among those receiving it.

    Governmental assistance and the length it is given needs to be decided on a case by case basis. There are definitely people who milk it for all it is worth and those people should be given a reasonable limit if they are fully capable of finding work and taking care of themselves. Others do work, even full time but because their income is insufficient to support the number of their family members they need help. These hard working individuals should be given assistance as long as need be. Illegal immigrants should not be given help at all--whether they are children or adults.

    Posted by: N3vinFace

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