• It would encourage the unemployed (and not looking for employment) to actually get employed

    If food stamps had a time limit, it would force people to go out and get a job again. Unlimited government benefits simply encourages them to stay where they are. That is not good for a capitalist society. If someone is actively looking, and they run out of time, and they can PROVE that they were actively looking, they can be granted extensions. But if they are not looking, they need to find other ways of keeping fed. There are other ways, although they are not preferred, but there are ways.

  • Yes and it should be for single person only.

    Absolutely. There needs to be a limit. No more than 2 years lifetime. Moreover the amount given to food stamps recipient should be the same. It should be based on a single person only, not family size. Your family, your responsibility to take care of them. People needs to think about this before having families.

  • Yes, there should be a time limit on food stamps when you lose your job.

    Sure, everyone knows that in the recent economic crisis, losing one's job was far from a guarantee that you had failed as a worker, and that finding a new job was often easier said than done. Still, though, the government cannot be expected to foot the bill for this forever, especially now that the economy has improved so much.

  • Having access to food is a right and should not be taken away from those of modest or no means.

    There shoud be no time limit on food stamp benefits. Imposing a time limit on food stamp benefits on the unemployed adds undue stress to this disenfranchised population. Having access to proper nutrition is a right and is necessary for the individual and for the health of the society as a whole.

  • Everyone Needs to Eat

    Everyone needs to eat, regardless of circumstances. Even if the system is abused by people who are unemployed for extended lengths of time without actively searching for a means of income, it would be unacceptable to make food unavailable to these people. The unemployed must be persuaded by other means to obtain work, while still being able to eat.

  • Food Stamps Should Be Granted Indefinitely, if Conditions Are Met

    I believe that food stamps should be provided so long as the recipient can prove that they are actively looking for work. If the recipient stopped looking for work, they should no longer receive food stamps or any other unemployment assistance. If unemployment benefits like food stamps were granted unconditionally, it would remove much of the impetus for recipients to try and return to work.

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