Should there be a total ban of alcohol for the youths?

Asked by: Juris
  • There are so many dangers

    It has been well proven that the brain does not complete its maturation process until the age of 25, it has also been proven that excessive drinking before the age of 25 can stop this maturation process. These means young people who drink may never be able to reach their actual mental capacity.

  • No one should drink, its horrible stuff.

    I can always tell a person who drinks and someone who doesn't as they are more aggressive and irrational. I think its sad people say drink makes them happy in the light of all the harm it causes. If you aren't happy when your not drinking maybe you should find better people to love you.

  • Don't like youth drinking? Grow a pair and deal with it because its not stopping anytime soon.

    Instead of banning alcohol for youth altogether teach them to drink responsibly and drive sober. The drinking age has already failed in every way and banning something just makes people want it even more. Also look at other countries, there are some countries where if you can see over the bar you can have a drink, and these countries actually have LOWER rates of alcoholism and drunk driving because people actknow how alcohol affects them.

  • I don't think so.

    I don't think there should be a COMPLETE ban. Perhaps a major clamp down on it. As long as kids drink within a reasonable age/within the presence of their parents and are sensible about it, they should be left alone, as they are only having fun - it is the kids who give the people within their age group a bad name with their regular drinking habits that something should be done about. I have heard so many stories about those younger than me who have taken their drinking too far and have been seriously hurt or have caused avoidable accidents just because they had one too many.

    It would be unfair to those who drink sensibly to issue a total ban, and so I don't believe this should happen - although, maybe it would be a nice wake up call to those kids who are not as careful with their liquor.

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