• Omg toets less do dis

    Coming from humble backrounds, I never had any time to dedicate to PE and more imprtantly dis, I need dis 2 breath plz le'ts make dis a relity and work towrds dis goal klkl by then
    #trump4president #meme #klkl #thanksobama #twerktrain2k16 #meme #meme #meme #meme #meme #meme #klkl #kl #kl

  • Twerking is the Way.

    As one learns to twerk, they will acquire a profound spiritual enlightenment. Miley Cyrus is God and she shall rule the world with her twerkin' buttocks.
    Besides, everyone should name each buttock differently. It is not ONE butt, but TWO butt cheeks. Butt cheeks like having a certain level of individuality. According to some sources, Miley named hers Peewee and Jingle. Usually the left butt cheek is a little harder to shake too.
    NEVERTHELESS, PE should TEACH TWERKING because it will demonstrate children that butt cheeks need to be healthy too.

  • It is Natural Prehistoric Human Behavior

    Twerking is natural behavior that humans have been doing since the beginning of the history itself. We humans are VERY persistent in trying to reserve history. This, I believe, is a very fascinating and interesting piece of history. Thus, we should try to embrace the best parts of the past and ourselves: twerking.. Twerking is shaking your rear end. And I think that twerking is one of THE most important piece of human history. We should do it in PE so we cannot forget our important early behavior. And that concludes my ABSOLUTELY BRILLANT history lesson. BTW, my mature sister did this.

  • Twerking? I think thats a little too far.

    Twerking has no need to be taught. Please tell me this is a joke. Thebestforhumanity, Just because a celeb like Cyrus is doing it does not mean we should. This is legit pointless. Plus, not everyone has the natural ability (or is even able) to twerk. This is like just picking out the kids to see who can and cannot do stuff. Mesmart, just because it was done in history does not mean it needs to be repeated. Sacrifice was done in the past, should it be done today? Of course not, so why should twerking be taught?

  • Not A Chance!

    This is absolutely, by far, the most stupid thing I have ever heard on the Internet. Twerking is absurd and I am sometimes offended by its existence alone. It is inappropiate and it is definitely not needed. I hate everyone that thinks this is a good thing and I am ashamed of the human race for inventing such a rude thing the world would be better without. I could not possibly agree more with other people that say no.

  • This is so dumb

    Seriously twerking? Come on there is enough disturbing behavior in schools as it is and we don't need to add to it. Besides why does everyone like it so much I find it to be inappropriate and provocative. It's not something for school. Next you'll probably want to add a class on pole dancing and stripping too.

  • In schools, really?

    Twerking is kinda inappropriate. I heard about this one school that forced kids going to the dance to sign a contract promising they will not do any sort of "butt dance". So, why should we have it? As one person said earlier, kids already act crazy enough in school. Bye...

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