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  • Weight limits on models????

    When I was little I always wanted to be a model but around the time I was 8 or 9 I figured out that I was way to fat to be a model. But now that I realize it I could be a model no matter what I realized that you are who you are and no one can change that about you

  • There should not be a required weight limit.

    There should not be a required weight limit when it comes to models. People have different builds which help them to carry their weight in different ways. Models are needed for various things. Sometimes models need to be tiny and other times a company is looking for a plus size model. There is nothing wrong with this. The agency paying for the model should be able to pick whomever they wish regardless of what the scale may read.

  • Body types, structures, metabolism, and weight all depend on the person.

    There should not be any weight limits. Some girls are actually skinny genetically and working out and eating right supports that and makes them appear skinnier than everyone else. The first reaction is these girls have disorders, which is not always true. Other girls are curvier, and have a thicker bone structure than the girls who are more skinny.
    The size of a person does not always mean the health they are in. Instead of targeting weight, we need to make sure the girls are healthy, eating the right amount of calories, and working out at a healthy amount. However, there should not be a weight limit. It depends on the model, girl or guy.
    It is also important to make people, especially girls, educated on body types are all different, and because we are not that skinny as the model on the runway looks, does not mean they are any better than us or we are not skinny enough. It is important to realize we are each individuals. As long as someone is healthy and exercising regularly and eating right, there should be no problems.

  • No, there shouldn't be imposed model weight limits.

    It would be quite difficult to enforce weight requirements for models. However, as a society, we can help influence change by supporting magazines, catalogs, and the like, that use real women as models. Even plus-sized catalogs often use rail-thin models! One clothing company I purchase from intentionally uses average women as their models, instead of "real" models. By supporting brands like this, we'll send a message that it's what we want to see. Change needs to happen with consumers changing what they perceive as beautiful and are willing to accept from fashion companies.

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