• Discrimination is key.

    The main basis discrimination comes to the point of including all and not just select groups. For there to be devotion to minorities but not the same done for any majority is one of the largest double standards of our time. If we want equality, we all need to have equal privileges.

  • On Italian, German, Spanish, Irish (which I don't really consider white), yes

    I wouldn't mind
    But Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian history should be limited. Inventors, yes. Not politicians and warmongers and imperialists. If you wonder why they're not liked too much in this day and age. People still remember the British and Danish empires. The KKK was ended like only 50 years ago.

  • If Minorities Can, Why Can't Caucasians?

    Caucasians have just as much rights and respect as minorities. Just because they are the majority of a population does not mean that they should not be recognized for their achievements. For example, Neil Armstrong was a Caucasian and he achieved what man dreamed of doing. He was the first man on the moon, yet he was Caucasian. He completed a very anticipated mission and should be recognized.

  • Yes we should

    Black people haven't contributed to America at all and they have a history month. White people came across the ocean and started America. Yeah we used them for slaves, but that's in the past. And to celebrate something for black people when they haven't done anything but jack the crime rate up and there isn't a white history month is just outrageous. We need a white history month and every other race needs a history month. Not just black people. Look at Africa, it's all run down and then when whites went to South Africa it started looking good. So if they aren't contributing to anything good and they have a history month, every other race deserves a history month, especially white people since we started America.

  • There's already a black history month,

    Why not we make a white history month? I don't really pay attention to black history month because there isn't a white one! I have some white and Indian decent and I would greatly appreciate it if they made a white history month about Europe. White history month will eventually happen.

  • Yes that's equality

    Everyone wants to preach about wanting equality in the world but is quick to point fingers at people in both the white and black communities over who is being racist. This is an example. If African Americans can have a month then so should Whites. Equality starts with making efforts to make sure everyone is represented despite the past.

  • Having a white history month

    Having a white history month would be good for the white culture. As the African americans have a black history month we as White americans should be aloud the same because White americans have invented a numer of things like electricity, the automobile, and the automotive line. Granted there was dark days in american history with the white people like slavory but that does not dismis the fact that white people have been helping the world and the people that live there. History is history and a lot of famous white people have died foe the right of freedom. So please say yes to a white history month.

  • Yes there should be a white history month!

    They should cover all white cultures and what they are known for, their history etc. I think Irish should definitely have a history month since they built north america and were slaves at one point for England just like blacks were. Also scottish people, dutch people, Swedish people, french people, german people, italian people, and all other european nations should be included.

  • Why do we need it?

    Asian Heritage (May), Black Heritage (Feb), Hispanic Heritage (Sept 15-Oct 15), Native American Heritage (Nov), even Jewish Heritage (May), need to be recognized because these groups of people have a very long history of being oppressed by the same oppressor For The Most Part.

    And on top of that, in History class we always hear the "Jim Bob"(figuratively, the white man) side of the story For The Most Part. The only time we ever hear a minority's side of the story is when we are being oppressed in the "Jim Bob" narrative.

    The reason why we have these months is to finally expose our accomplishments instead of just our struggles.

    While everybody is already aware of the accomplishments of whites, why would we need to know more if we are already knowledgeable about it?

    I mean it's all I ever read in the textbooks! And then there's maybe 1 or 2 chapters, and maybe a small textbox on the side dedicated to a minority out of 32 chapters.

    You can't tell me that's not true.

  • Yes to white/European history month.

    It is important that we have a month to celebrate the achievements of our ancestors. Whites/Europeans are proud of their accomplishments and wish to remind their children of this.
    Will we be afforded this month when we become a minority in our native countries? Unlikely.
    Therefore we must establish a white/European history month in order to preserve our culture.

  • Are you serious?

    What do white people need a white history month for? White people have a month full of holidays. Why is it that black people get one thing and all of a sudden whites are being deprived. Not to mention do we remember the time white people had a lot of pride in themselves. People were lynched and killed because they had a "superior" history. For the record I'm not racist, I'm just stating facts.

  • Is this a joke?

    We have Black History MONTH! Every other month is about WHITE history! It seems that some of you are jealous of what little we have so to make your "boo-boo" feel better you want one of your own. Wow! Every other month is white history month!!!! I was forced to learn about the founding fathers who were only the founding fathers of rich white men, and black people through rape. Thomas Jefferson boasted of freedom and all men being equal yet he owned slaves, and even raped one of them possibly more. This nation is so hypocritical and self-entitled. Some Americans expect everything to be there way or not at all. I am disappointed at the utter stupidity of a white history month. Seriously!?

  • It's just doesn't make sense

    White people haven't been tortured through hundreds of years. POC have been tortured...By white people 😂 black history month is meant to respect and honor the black people of the past for their corageous sacrifice and giving us blacks right now civil rights. And why do we need a white history month? To tech children about the mass genicide of the Africans, the Mayans, the olmecs, the native Americans, the Asians, and literally everywhere else which is the fault of whites people? In the exploring age, Europeans killed mass murdred and raped hundreds of thousands of people all from around the world. Why would we respect that? Would we tech children about the KKK and Westboroh cults? Why would we have a month honoring all of that terrible stuff

  • Why Celebrate another Race?

    No, honestly I don't think we should have a white/ black or any race month I mean what's the point of celebrateing a race? If we were to add the celebration of white people to we mind as well start celebrateing mexican's and Japanese and any other and all culture's, I mean we atleast could be fair with it.

  • NO. Just. No

    Whites always have a remembrance day everyday... We blacks only get one month to remember our abolitionists, freedom fighters, and civil rights activists. There shouldn't be a white history month because of the cruelty most of the whites treated us with. I was born in 1945 and have experienced everything. My cousin was hung by the KKK in 1963 and my mom and father were paid only 1.00 a day. That is what I have been through. So no WHM.

  • Why support the oppressors?

    White people are not even oppressed in the United States. There shouldn't be a white history month for the same reason that there shouldn't be straight pride parades: the white (or straight) people had nothing taken away from them. It's not a "double standard" if white people (especially white males) were not oppressed, and they are never going to be oppressed. Not having a white history month in the United States isn't discrimination; it's merely useless.

  • For What Purpose

    The main reason that there is a black history month is because for a very long time black history didn't exist. White history exists in almost every textbook, whether as antagonist, protagonist, or neutral party. White history floods history textbooks and non-fiction works, while black and female history are underrepresented in these areas. Sadly, every month spent studying history is often white history month, there is no need or reason to have a month dedicated to it.

  • No, nor should there be a black history month

    Black history and white history are both the same as American history. There is absolutely no reason to give particular races special treatment for some reason. Racism will never be eliminated as long we continue to divide ourselves into categories based on race without any good reason to do so.

  • No we shouldn't

    The point of black/Hispanic/etc history months is to understand and appreciate the struggles and oppression those races went through. There are not many instances in history where white people were oppressed, and if they were it was usually by other white people. With something like black history month, we talk about slavery, and Rosa Parks, and MLk because of what they had to go through to achieve equality for their race. And I'm sorry... White people have never had to do that.

  • No there shouldnt

    Because we shouldnt even have a balck history month its giving attention to racism and is there a asian/japanise/korean/chinese history month? Hmmm? Yeah it just brings more attention to racism. Do indians get a month about their race? Do native americans? Do mexicans? No. Thats why there shouldnt be a month about any race

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Matt4246 says2018-02-22T07:46:13.057
Humanity is pathetic. For starters, it should probably just be called "History Month". If they wanna slap black on the front of it, let em celibrate that shit in Africa. Celibrate all forms of historys great contributors.

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