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  • That's an excellent idea. I hadn't thought about that. A league for those who don't care about damaging their bodies.

    I like this idea. What it does is give people freedom to take stupid chances if they so desire in order to win.

    It also takes the steam out of the point of competition for those who would use drugs because the glory is pretty much gone when everyone knows that drugs are helping you. --> This may be a reason it doesn't work in the end.

    It would also finally give those who don't want to use drugs a fair competition.

  • Aaaaawwww Yeaaaah man

    That would be awesome! You know, except the fact that steroids may lead to health problems later in life. But can you imagine! Steroid football, steroid baseball. Superhulks battling it out. Sounds pretty cool to me. And can you imagine heavyweight wrestling? And before anyone yells at me, Im just joking.

  • Using steroids in sports to make the players better

    Well we all know that some players in a sport at least done steroids to improve there performance for a game. There are players suspected of doing steroids and getting cracked down by the sport and anti doping organizations ,well how about we fix this foolish game of cat and mouse and make a whole new area or section of that sport to get ready available steroids for players who use them.So a different section of steroid users and non steroid users can play in different games without feeling they are getting cheated.

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