• Yes, it is abusive.

    Yes, there should be age limits to euthanasia, because euthanasia is so open to abuse. What is supposed to be a very desirable thing turns into a way to get rid of people that someone in power determines in not desirable. It is far too open to abuse to allow it to be used on anyone who is not very old.

  • Yes, Euthanasia Is So Final That the Individual Needs to Understand the Choice

    Because euthanasia is death, which is the ultimate in finality, it is important that someone choosing that path be fully aware of the decision they are making and be in a good frame of mind to make that decision. For that reason, small children and teenagers should not be allowed to choose euthanasia and certainly parents should never be allowed to choose euthanasia for their children because it invites abuse and misunderstanding. Personality completely develops in the early 20's so that is probably a good age to begin allowing euthanasia at request.

  • I believe that euthanasia should have age limits because

    Children or teenagers are still a developing humans to become adult.
    And they should have second chance to live on their lives. There are so many things they haven't experienced in their lives. And there are so many things that awaits them ahead in the future such as graduation, marriage.Etc. And this euthanasia is not giving them hope to continue their lives.Even though the fact that they're still in great pain.But it still give them hope to survive.Euthanasia is not giving them any strength or hope for them.It's just making them lose hope in themselves like the thought of "oh....I'm going to die here..And i have no chance of surviving...I'm weak"....
    So, i strongly believed that euthanasia should have age limits because they are making other children or teenager became more weak rather than believe in themselves that they have a chance of surviving.

  • Euthanasia is the way to go

    Yes euthansai should be used in other countries because what if someone want to kill themselves but they don't have enough money to go to a different state justed to take some pills that will kill them. Then they would have to suffer the disease and go through the pain. I had a family member that has died for cancer and I know what it feels like losing someone that you love

  • Not an age limit, but some additional guidelines when it involves a child.

    Children are hopeful for the future and are not likely to decide euthanasia lightly. I do think counseling is important as well as a waiting period of some sort. Children should not be forced to suffer if they are disabled by pain or terminal illness. Parents should not cause the child to suffer for selfish reasons or disability income.

  • Maturity level within kids

    When you're 10 or even 16 the littlest things get to you what makes you think that deciding to live or die would be able to made maturely at young age. There are age limits put in place for a reason if we have limits that don't allow people to drink until 21, something so insignificant, why would you think no age limit on the ability to die is okay

  • Yes there must be age restriction as if there is no restriction children may die...

    If there were no age restrictions then the children may kill themselves , we all know that the mental capacity of a person does not get mature until the age of puberty . Until the age of puberty any person is not yet grown up to take heavy decisions .

  • Yes. Age should be considered.

    Age defines the mental capacity of a person. Till puberty, a person has not mentally matured enough to take such heavy decisions. Living for only a handful years does not give the person the knowledge and understanding required. Young generations are susceptible to instability in thinking process due to hormones or mental immaturity and shouldn't be allowed to take the decision of Euthanasia.

  • Yes their should be an age restriction on euthanasia because if not children could die

    If their were no age restriction then children could kill themselves if they had a terminal illness but their brain are not capable of making sound decisions. Also they have no Idea how resilient children really are. Their has to be no euthanasia or at least a ban on it because if no then hundreds of children will be killed because their parents don't want them to suffer but in real life its the parents that don't want to suffer themselves.

  • An age limit to restrict euthanasia is ridiculous

    If you see a child who has a terminal illness, then ending the life of that child would be considered morally just because why should the child feel agonizing pain until his death? The child's parents would be both depressed when seeing their child suffer or their child die. A child is merely a human, like adults and everyone else. Age does not determine whether euthanasia should be committed. There is no abuse whatsoever when you see a child dying.

    However, it would only depend on whether if the child wishes to make that decision to be euthanized. If he wishes to be mercifully killed, then so be it. Everyone has the right to do things with their body.

  • No, there shouldn't be

    There isn't some age that across the board must be met for the case for euthanizing something to be legitimate, every situation is different. Diseases and other physical conditions don't wait idly by for a certain age, they can happen earlier or they can happen later. Age is not the determining factor of when euthanasia should be considered.

  • Pain and suffering is still pain and suffering even at a young age.

    Just because someone is young, lets say 10, doesn't mean we should make/let them suffer. If that kid has to suffer for years and still wont get better, or even live till 16, that doesn't mean we have to make them live just because we think they will have a different opinion when they're older. We should leave it to the patient, no matter how old, to decide if they want to live or not. After all it is their life and we have no right to tell them how to live it.

  • What about handicaped.......

    If a baby is born with some abnormalities(deaf,blind or mentally retarded)cannot take the decision of death..... God not do..If in stage of dying ...Is he/she will have to wait with constant pain to aquire the certain age limit? Therefore age should not be limitised for euthanasia while thinking from different aspects.

  • If someone is at the point of considering Suicide, then it is hard to stop someone from proceeding.

    I understand that children and teens should not consider suicide and attempt to get Euthanized, but if they get turned down by a doctor for a Euthanasia procedure, they will just take it into their own hands. Making it hard to stop someone from committing suicide. Because no matter what they will die.

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