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  • Ratings should never have been invented in the first place

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  • It is a questionable argument

    I am going to cut to the chase I am not a parent I am 16 right now. In my opinion there should be a rating system because their is content tat is not age appropriate for them. You know sexual violence, intense violence, harsh language, drugs, intense scenes that are not cool for 5 year olds.

    I do think the rating system is broken because parents do not understand how it works or they do not care and they abuse it and get made the movie because they abused the rating system and not followed the guidelines.

    We have G,Pg,Pg-13, R, and Nc-17. What needs to happen is the Pg rating needs to go away or make pg-13 rating higher and R closer together like Pg-14/15 and 16 for R. So it gives PG a wider range. Pg means parental guidance suggested. Now this should mean that the content is appropriate for kids still but not for everyone. This means there may be some cussing, sex or some violence, or scary themes that some kids would not be able to handle. But not necessarily strong enough for a pg-14/15 rating.

    For a pg 14/15 rating there will be violence and gore, sex, some harsh language, intense scenes, drugs whatever.

    But bringing those two ratings closer together 14 and 16 makes less controversy with 2 year spread instead of 4 years when R is 17 and pg-13.

    Just because I am 16 does not mean the R rating should 16 by itself. It is because If you are given the responsibility of driving a car you can handle an r rated movie.

    NC-17 can be given to those movies that you should be an adult 18 and over. And the name needs to change to Adult

    So I have 2 rating systems that would help fix the problem G, Pg-13. R(16), and Adult (18) Or G, Pg, Pg-14/15 R(16), Adult (18)

    I honestly think this will help fix the problem but only if parents honor the system and not abuse it. Contact me if there is any questions I am pretty neutral on this topic.

  • No more ratted R movie!

    Well you know I think watching or making movies that were rated R Is a bad ideas. Cause they are worst when you saw some violent and very sexy scenes It was not good for the community, And the church doesn't like that, And so as the movie producers doesn't know the different between right and wrong. Is that what do they want? No! Some rating that was bad must seace the existant.

  • It really depends on the maturity of the child.

    I'm only 15, I'm not a parent, but listen to me nonetheless.

    Parents nowadays generally judge whether their child is allowed or not to watch a movie on the age rating. Age ratings are put their because:
    -The child may not be able to handle the content of the movie
    -Or the child may get a bad influence from the movie
    For instance, a movie with lots of swearing, drugs, sex, ect. Ect. People would assume not to be watched by anyone under 18, because it can get them into drugs, constant swearing and so on. Yet I know many teenagers who would be able to handle all that as well as not get into things like drugs.

    Movies that have an age rating of 12 are because of violence and a small amount of swearing, usually. I personally don't get why they are for 12 year olds and over, because I have a 9-year sibling who would be able to handle and not get a bad influence from any 12 rated movie. Heck, most of his friends play video games like COD and GTA. None of them are obsessed with joining the army or anything.

    I think the age ratings should be taken away. I think it should be split into three groups: M, PG and U. The U stands for Universal and the PG Parental Guidance, of course, while the M stands for Mature. This stops pressure on the age of the child, and focuses more on whether they are mature enough for the movie. Mature should be the 18+ and some 15+ stuff, the PG should replace the 12+ and some old PG movies, because most of them should be Universal anyway, with the U being the rest. It stops parents forcing their child to wait years despite them being perfectly fine watching the movie now. And it also stops people watching movies just because they are "old enough" and it then keeping them awake at night. I don't get why an age rating was put on there to start with.

    That's all I really have to say.

  • Advisory ratings are Ok

    But they should not be legally enforced. It should be left to parents , cinemas and retailers to decide whether they follow the rating or not. It is not the government's business at all. Since the rise of the internet age rating are pretty much a waste of time anyway.

  • You Crazy, movies are awesome.

    Parents need to get it through their head, movies and and video games that are created are for entertainment purposes. If you can't handle it as a parent, maybe your kid can. Kids should decide to put reality to fiction. They should know that it's made to entertain not to recreate.

  • This Is A Question Of Trust.

    Some Teenagers Are Very Mature And Can Handle Many Thing Without Being Offended Or Phased. I Do NOT Believe That Movies Should Be Restricted By Age,Why? Because Some Parents Believe Their Child Knows That Whats On The Screen Is For Pure Entertainment. If You Truly Believe That The Ratings Will STOP Them From Seeing It In The End,Your Wrong,Simply Able To Pull Up Youtube or Some Site Just To Watch It Or Even Higher Chances Is Their Parents Will Buy It For Them.

  • There shouldn't be ratings

    I'm gonna say it right now I'm not a parent I'm 15 and I'm not just saying no so I can see all the movies I want it's because I feel that there may be bad content inappropriate for children but if they are mature enough then they should be able to walk out of the movie knowing it's not ok to say and do everything that he saw in the movie. Another thing is that there should not be something (MPAA) telling you what you kid can and cannot watch it should be the parents responsibility to choose what they are ok with the things their kids are wathching. To be honest there are many reasons why there shouldn't be ratings but those I thought were the best that supported my opinion.

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