• This is not Justice

    A ruler is labeled as a dictator when he is a cruel leader who is violating human rights. Granting amnesty would act as a get away card for the dictator after committing numerous atrocities to the citizens. In a justice system anyone who commits a crime is punished and in this case the dictator is a criminal violating rights so he must pay for what he or she has done irrespective of what the position of the individual is. The victims of the dictator deserve justice which can only be received if the won who has wronged them is punished, the dictator to be precise, and not by letting him go . If you are ready to let go of such a person who has committed so many crimes then why not let go of the other criminals who have not been so offensive towards the society but might be in prison for doing robberies etc.

    To summarize, a criminal is a criminal what so ever and there should be consequences for every wrong act.

  • Yes, one of the best solutions

    Good, not perfect, solution for a world that is far beyond our imagination of good and evil. No other solution offers such a short-term libaration of the suppressed, for example North-Korean, citizens. In my opinion, saying no is only allowed if you come up with a better solution, that is as effective as this one.

  • An incentive for dictators to step down

    Premise: Dictators often times use violence and force when they are afraid of being overthrown.
    We argue: that if we give dictators amnesty, they would more likely stop the violent acts and step down. WHY? Because they know that they wont get punished. Meaning, if they are being pressured to step down, and they see it more reasonable to do so, giving them amnesty will ensure that they wont cling to power and use force just to stay safe.

    Conclusion: There is a reason for dictators to step down, thus, these violent abusive acts has more probability of stopping

  • No, certainly not.

    Amnesty is a tool used to convince low-impact parties to come forward and help the opposing side. A dictator is the top of he chain, they are the ones giving the orders and handing out the punishments for disobedience. As such, they know full well what they are doing, how it is impacting people and they very rarely have someone hover over them with an execution writ.

  • No there should not be amnesty for dictators

    No, I do not think that dictators deserve amnesty as they know that the way that they rule over people is corrupt and unpatriotic. Too many dictators are choosing to put their needs' ahead of the peoples and create a bad living experience for the citizens of the country that they dictate and do not deserve amnesty for that.

  • Absolutely not, no

    Why grant a dictator amnesty when they wouldn't grant it to somebody else? These types of leaders aren't exactly celebrated for their compassion and fairness, they've done nothing to earn being treated humanely as in virtually every case that one as fled their country they've done the exact opposite to their people.

  • No, there shouldn't be.

    Assuming the dictator was convicted of human rights atrocities and other crimes, they should not get amnesty. Amnesty should be reserved for those innocent in crimes, not as a get out of jail free card. Giving amnesty will undermine the justice system and will likely alienate victims who have suffered under their leadership.

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