Should there be an age limit to participate in the Olympics?

  • There absolutely should be an age limit (and it should be raised)

    The path towards the Olympics is years and years long. This narrow-minded mindset is detrimental to children. And although there are some inspiring success stories and the kids turned out alright, there are far more children and families damaged by such a dogged pursuit.

    Furthermore, this Olympic quest may often be more of a push from the parent and not an actual desire of the kid. Kids may be too scared to say no, misguided, or simply ignored in turn for what the parent wants.

    Additionally, given the revelation from the Nassar proceedings, we see the Olympics are ripe for predation on children. And it’s no wonder, given the approximation and limited supervision kids would need to have with doctors, nurses, coaches, trainers, staff, media reps, these interactions and others often happening abroad, as well. There is likely more abuse going on at a rampant level. Also, it’s a bit odd having some children in objectionable competition attire.

    In fact, since the athletes competing are representing their country, they should naturally be considered an adult in their country. It is illogical and unethical to request a child represent their country, when they do not have many basic right/abilities of their home country due to their age. I.e. they can't vote, but they can risk life and limb for the sake of competition?

  • Yes it should

    The younger you are the less developed you are and you are more prone to different injuries than an older person. Also The older you are the more ready you are for bigger responsibilities such as the Olympics. And you could not have as developed of skills as an older adult.

  • Yes to a point

    Restrict the age to allow children to develop before throwing them onto the largest athletic platform in the world. Once the decision is made to take this route as an athlete, the sacrifices made are detrimental to social, emotional, and cognitive development. If this is truly a dream and passionate vision for an individual than I support it, but an 11 year old that is being physically sculpted with workouts, practice, nutrition restrictions, and specific intake of supplements and sleep patterns, all involved in Olympic training, is a lot for a child to handle if it is not their dream. Also dealing with failure on that large of a stage while having sacrificed their entire childhood for a few moments is a lot of pressure on a young mind. Just some thoughts.


    I say yes because the pro Olympians should be able to compete with the pro Olympians. And the beginning Olympians should be able to compete with the beginning Olympians. Also if a beginner gets hurt because of a pro because he/she is bigger it would be the beginning Olympians fault because they wanted to join in the first place.

  • Over, no; under yes.

    Considering how long and strict most athletic training programs are, it is unethical and more than a bit developmentally unhealthy for very young participants to progress that far. Basic health should always be the foremost concern and the stress (physical, mental AND emotional) placed in very young people to place in world wide events is borderline abuse.

  • At a certain point

    I have no problem with underage participants if they're qualified enough, but you got to draw the line somewhere. The Olympics in China was just ludicrous with a women's gymnastics team filled with a bunch of 6 year olds and a "no they're teenagers look at these legal documents we just had made" defense behind it. This stuff needs to be regulated more tightly so crap like that doesn't happen again.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I think their should be an age limit on those who can participate in the Olympics. It require a lot of hard work, stress, and determination to be in the Olympics. Younger people though need to be able to experience life before the Olympics, and hard work, and stress. Before they ruin their bodies.

  • Why should there be?

    If an athlete has the skills why should they be stopped from trying to compete? In order for an athlete to even be recognized they have to compete in several meets/tournaments/ competitions and such before the trials. Also if an older athlete still has it in them to compete and be up to the same training as the others why should one be stopped?

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  • No, why should there be?

    If those athletes have devoted themselves to that sport THEMSELVES, and want to be in the Olympics BY THERE CHOICE, they should be allowed to compete. It's unfair. What if the younger athlete has better athletic ability than the older athlete? If they want to compete, they should be allowed to complete.

  • No, there shouldn't

    If you have the ability and the capability to compete against the others in the category, you should have the right to compete along with them. After all, this is a lifetime experience. Plus, there are qualifications in each individual country. It's not like you can just enter the competition for the sake of entering.

  • No Age Limit

    There absolutely should not be an age limit for participation in the Olympics. Because they only occur every four years, qualification for and participation in the Olympics for many athletes is quite literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. An arbitrary age restriction that prevented otherwise-qualified athletes from participating would be heartbreaking.

  • No. Therre shouldnt

    For many athletes its easier when you are younger because there bones and muscules are less damaged, and less sucuptiable to injury because of the strogness. Many dont get to compete because they are injuried by the time that they can compete.
    Due to the higher age limit many dont get to complete there lifes work.

  • No, there shouldn't.

    No, I don't agree that there should be an age limit to participate in the Olympics. I think that as long as the participant is healthy and certainly able to compete in whatever the category, then they should absolutely be able to compete. These are the kind of people that provide motivation and inspiration for others.

  • No, there should not be an age limit for the Olympics; qualification should be based solely on physical skill and ability.

    Although most Olympic athletes are very young, because young people generally have much more time and energy to devote to a sporting activity, age should not limit Olympic participation. Older athletes, as long as they have the required physical skills, should be welcomed, and are often a source of great inspiration to other athletes and to the public. In some sports, such as basketball, older athletes who are professionals may have an advantage, but in most Olympic events young athletes will always have a natural edge.

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