• There should be an age limit for the Olympics.

    I think the Olympics should put a thirty year old cap on their sports. After thirty, the bones become more brittle and less flexible. The muscles tear easier and performance is not as good. The athlete is more likely to break something, or even have a breakdown. They are not as resiliant.

  • Yes. However, I think you should be at least 18 years old before going to the Olypics.

    There are many talented children in our Country, but they should not be pushed out of school, and into gymnasiums at such a young age. These children are still developing mentally, and physically; and are being thrust into the limelight of World athletics before they are able to comprehend the gravity of their decisions. We cannot expect children to take on Adult abilities and decisions, and then wonder why they fail: But we do. You should be at least 18 years old to participate in the Olympics; past 18 years of age it should depend on your physical fitness abilities.

  • A Talent should come first

    I believe that is someone has a Talent of a sport let them try the first levels of the training with competitions like the Asian games, world championships, etc. When you think they are beyond the levels then give them a chance. A chance always helps! Think about it this way, what if there were no more Olympic Games, what if something happened. Huh, what if something happened which could make this the last olympics. I know I am only young, less than the age of 13 but I also know that my own previews are impressive. So my point is give someone a chance, you have no idea what they could achieve.
    Talent First!!!

    M.A. 😔

  • Doesn't Make Sense

    If a person is able to qualify for the olympics and do it without being a harm to their own health then why wouldn't you be able to. The decision would ultimately belong to your parents so why not if they think its okay AND its unfair to women who get increasingly worse after around 15 years old.

  • No there should not be.

    I do not believe there should be an age limit on the Olympics. People all over the world train years to be good enough to enter the Olympics. They should not be denied just because they are not the right age. If they have the skills and what it takes, let them in.

  • I do not believe so!

    It is true that as we get older it is harder to maintain the same athletic ability as in a person's twenties. With technology and our knowledge of proper nutrition athletes are able to compete when she is older. I believe that everyone has a right to accomplish her dream no matter what age that person is!

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