Should there be an age limit to get a driver's license and or a learner's permit?

  • Yes they should!!

    You can't just let a 2 year old in a car and expect them to know how to drive. They can't see over the wheel, can't reach the peddles, I mean come on people. Do you not have enough common sense to know that? They could kill somebody, or worse themselves.

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  • Yes there should be.

    I think that there should be some kind of age restriction on getting a driver's license. They shouldn't let young kids walk in and get one. I don't think that it matters if you are older and trying to get a license. That should be allowed at any age, but there should be a certain age for younger people.

  • Yes it will protect people

    There should be an age limit to get your drivers license. That age limit should be 18 years old. This is old enough to allow the person to mature yet not too old to make it ridiculous. I think for the permit start at 16 and give them 2 years of driving education before a license.

  • There should be an age limit.

    Of course there should be an age limit when it comes to getting a permit and a license to operate a vehicle. I think that at a certain age you are simply not ready for the responsibility of driving a care. being old enough to understand the seriousness is important.

  • There should be an age limit to get a driver's license

    There should be an age limit to get a driver's license and or a learner's permit. This is because of the fact that certain age groups are not ready in the sense of maturity and responsibility to properly take on the act of driving safely and effectively. Age limits are good for this reason.

  • Yes there should be an age limit.

    Yes there should be an age limit to get a driver's license because most of the time kids think they are invincible and would drive insanely reckless because they would assume no one would get hurt by it. The amount of accidents that would happen if we gave kids the ability to drive at early age would sky rocket.

  • Legal Driving Ages

    There should be a minimum age limit for getting a learner's permit and driving license. Children don't have the decision-making capacity that older teens do, and allowing ten-year-old children to learn to drive would be irresponsible. The maximum age for a driver's permit and license should be determined only by the person's health, mental capacity, and vision.

  • Kids can drive cars

    Because there can go to stores ise there own money and buy things like games and when there bored they can drive around the block and do donuts and they can drive to school and park there parents can go staright to work without waiting for kids to get ready

  • There does not need to be an age limit to get a license.

    There is no need for an age limit because you have to take a driving test to get a license anyway, so you wouldn't be able to get a license unless you passed the test anyway, and if you can pass the test as a twelve year old, there's no need for you to not be allowed to drive.

  • There should be no limit

    What can I say to sway your mind when fear clouds reason beyond the reach of sound judgment? Under supervision, there should be no reason not to allow an abled bodied person to drive a car. "Abled body," able to see the road, able to grasp the idea that they can seriously hurt themselves if they don't take driving seriously, able to listen to instruction from an adult with years of driving experience. I'm not arguing to allow kids to roam freely along the street, there should always be supervision, but what is the harm of letting a 13 year old drive to the store with dad riding Shotgun? She's going 5 MPH under the speed limit, that's hardly a danger, hardly a menace to society.

  • Should there be an age limit?

    In a certain sense YES defiantly there should be and age limit but if where you live the age limit changes from 16 to lets say just a year, so 17, there would no longer be a threat of 16 year olds, instead its shifted to the 17 year olds are now the threat. Also for students like me the college i go to is way far out to far to walk or bike too. Plus for people that are just starting college it will be even harder for them to even get a car or go to college it will just be way to expensive for them.

  • There's no need to fix what isn't broken.

    The system works fine the way it is. In most states, you need to be 15 to get a permit and 16 to receive your first license. As far as upper ages go, I think it should be dependent on passing yearly medical tests in order to keep your license when you are elderly.

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