Should there be an age limit to owning a smartphone?

  • 18 sounds right.

    Simple fact is, Until you reach adult age, You really don't own anything. Even if you pay for it with your own money, Your parents or guardians can take it away at any time for any reason. Phones themselves have legal contracts that only an adult can sign as minors are not considered legally responsible. There is also a certain dangers involved with kids having cellular devices. Various apps, And sites are just a start. They could be used for cheating in school, They are often used in cyber-bulling, Or even sending certain kinds of pictures to others who may be use them for bad reasons.
    Clearly with the legality and danger, Minors should not be allowed to own smartphones or any other similar products.

  • Smart Phones are incredibly damaging. Should be 18 years old to use them.

    They, And the apps within them are designed to grab and hold one's attention. This shouldn't be allowed for young children as they will waste their lives on phones and won't have any sense of guilt that older people do. I have seen tiny children in restaurants glued to phones and tablets, Not engaging with anyone and not developing any coordination aside from reaction time improvement. Humans are supposed to interact with things in the physical world to gain coordination.

  • Children Are Too Immature to Handle the Freedom Phones give

    Phones give you access to lots of potentially harmful websites and features. Children are simply too immature to handle this, And parent's are too irresponsible in deciding when they should actually get a phone. I think around the ages of 15 - 16 kids should be able to get a phone.

    Posted by: 7ark
  • There should be no age limit

    It's good for kids to have phones so they can contact their parents, Guardians, Other family members, And friends to plan, Talk for fun, In case of emergency, Or any other reason. Most children know not to meet up with strangers. If a child does, It's the parent's responsibility. The parent can check on their child to make sure he/she is using it right.

  • It should be up to the parent

    This is the sort of thing that should be decided by a parent not the government, What do you think should the government regulate every aspect of our life, Or only when it is absolutely necessary to preserve public safety? Do we really want to give the government that much power over our lives and personal interactions?

  • The age at which one should own a phone depends totally on maturity.

    You are on your phone and all of a sudden you get a notification -ping! - you check your texts and someone you don’t know has sent you a text. . . “Hey! I go to your school! Meet me at park in 5? ” Will you go? Just think, This was not a problem 10 years ago, Phones were not as advanced and high tech as they are today, More young kids are getting phones.
    Many people agree with the fact that there should be an age limit on owning a phone, But many others believe that the age which one owns a phone should be based on maturity and responsibility, Not age.
    There should not be an age limit, Because parents should be able to judge their child’s maturity, There are tons of immature people at all different ages who don’t know what they are doing, Age is completely irrelevant, You also shouldn’t have to prove you are old enough to own a phone.

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