• No, there should not be an age to quit video gaming.

    No, there should not be an age to quit video gaming. There is no logical reason for there be an age limit on video gaming. As long as the person is taking care of their responsibilities there is absolutely no reason for them not to spend their free time playing video games. Playing video games is a hobby just like golf, bike riding, hunting and reading.

  • There should be an age to quit video gaming.

    There should be an age when it is not socially permissible to play video games. Playing videos games is very immature, and most people grow out of it when they leave home or go to college. Adults who play video games intended for children are an embarrassment to their families.

  • Why shouldn't people play them at any age?

    No reason there should be a maximum age to play video games, any more than should be a maximum age to quit horror movies, cartoons, board games, tennis, basketball, or anything else. If you enjoy them, play them.

    I agree that many people spend a lot of hours on them and forget other things, but every activitycan be overdone. Nothing intrinsically different about video games.

  • Quit any medium

    Video games are similar to TV, movies, literature, art etc. - there is nothing inherently wrong with them, and they are not meant inherently for any age group or demographic. People today associate gaming with children because of its origins, but today, a huge part of the population games anyway.

  • No, there should not be an age to quit video gaming.

    No, there should not be an age to quit video gaming. If video games are something someone enjoys, they should keep playing them for as long as they enjoy them. You see a lot of people in their 80s and 90s who enjoy playing cards, because they enjoyed playing cards in their youth. Video games are the same way. People who enjoyed video games in their youth can enjoy them all through their lives.

  • Anyone Can Play

    Anyone can play video games once they reach the age of 17. There is no age to quit gaming if someone enjoys playing video games. When I retire, I hope I'm able to play as many video games as I want. The only reason adults don't play as many video games is because they get busy with jobs, work, and raising kids.

  • That would be FASCIST!

    How is a video game any different than a sport, movie, or any other form of entertainment?

    Some people simply have fun video gaming. They don't care about girls. No need to keep throwing the V word at them.

    Video game competion is actually better for you than sport competition. Consider this: Physical injuries, muscle tears, wounds, over-exhaustion, and skin damage from the Sun.

  • No, we can't regulate that

    No, I would have to disagree that there should be an age to quit video gaming. How could we regulate this, anyway? If video gaming brings comfort and peace of mind to someone older than 60, then that person should have every right to play whatever video game they like.

  • Everyone has a right to their own version of enjoyment

    If you think about it old people playing video games are not that bad of a thing, because eventually our generation, the generation of gamers, will get old. What would you do if your kids or grandkids said that you should put down the xbox or ps3 controller. You would be pissed because you grew up with it, like other people grew up with the dreamcast or Nintendo 64. They have a right to play what the want to play or what they enjoy

  • Of Course not.

    There shouldn't be an age to quit video gaming. People have their own free will, their own choice to decide whether to play video games or not. It'd be a seemingly useless rule. Awhile back, a mother had withheld candy from her children and instead of having a decrease of wanting candy, they wanted it even more then the average child. On a larger scale, if there was an age to stop playing video games, people would have an increased want of doing video games.

  • I believe not

    I think that gaming is a good way to exersize your mind and to do new challenges within the game world. I also think that if you quit gaming than you should just say: I quit all fun. That is what I believe about this. I also believe saying quitting gaming is like saying you don't like Board games.

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