Should there be an amendment implemented to make health-care a constitutional right?

Asked by: ajmal3VCU
  • It's the government's responsibility in a way

    I'm lucky enough to live in the UK, where we're granted free health care, thanks to our centre-left Labour Party. Although the number of unnecessary visits to hospitals takes a toll on our NHS (National Health Service), it is still a fantastic feat of socialist power to ensure that nobody fails to be given the correct healthcare.

  • It's about morality!

    The government spent over $2 trillion on wars to protect Americans from terrorism. The moment a dime is spent on protecting an American from disease, people yell "socialism".
    Nobody asks to be born. It is not moral to make a profit from another persons illness. Yet, that's what private insurance companies do! If they deny a person medical coverage, they make a profit, so they are motivated to keep medical care away from those who need it most!
    This is insane. The rest of the civilized world had Universal Health Care. Hiding behind the word "socialism" is just an excuse. When a snow plow clears your street of snow, because of the taxes you pay, that is socialism. We already have socialism with public schools, social security, etc. Universal Health Care is the only way to go to make healthcare fair, moral and affordable.

  • It should become an amendment

    Doesn't the government have to provide for the welfare of people? Isn't health care essential for the well-being of people. With that being said, yes, there should be a macroscopic focus on health care. It is the right of every citizen to live a happier and healthy life. If Foodstamps, housing provided, then why there should be a lack of health care.

  • That's an absurd claim.

    People don't need government health care to survive. You don't need health care. It's something you can do if you want to go out of your way to make sure you can pay for any medical expenses, but it's by no means a necessity for life. A good way to not need health care is to take care of your body and save money in case something unforeseeable happens. And if the government is involved, it's not going to help. Government will just drive costs up and cause corruption in the health care system. Other nations have government-run universal health care, and in return they get tons of taxes and inefficient, low quality health care that will have them waiting for 10 months before they actually get treatment. The thing required for the quality and quantity of something to increase is COMPETITION, which is completely removed by government-run care. That's why universal health care is always low quality and extremely inefficient.

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