Should there be an "effort" option in the voting?

Asked by: MysticEgg
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  • No, effort only counts in elementary school.

    No, there should not be an effort option in the voting, because effort is not relevant in the modern world. Effort matters in things like volunteering and helping, but when it comes to who is the best, effort does not count for much. People need to learn that what matters is results, not necessarily who works hardest for something, even though those two things are related.

  • There should not be an "effort" option in voting.

    There should not be an "effort" option in voting because the terminology and lack of readily available information is confusing and would make the task more difficult. Voting is a choice between several candidates and the option a person should have is one to make themselves more aware of the issues and where each one stands. Any specialized changes in voting would not persuade a person to change their view points or look deeper into the subject matter, thereby making it a futile subject.

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