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  • Long live KURDISTAN

    Why not, let them get independent, originally those countries which there are Kurdish people they made after the first world war, for instance, Iraq in 1921 announced as a country this is not a long time. Before that, there wasn't Iraq, also other countries built under a deal of French and Britain interior

  • They should have their own country because

    The Kurds are people of honesty and we could use them. They have a good fighting force and they are all about world peace. They helped Iraq fight against ISIS which really helped us and Iraq so overall they are good people and we need more country's like that okay.

  • The Kurds Offer a Moderate Third Less Extreme Islam

    Kurds practice an Islamic Moderating religion. They don’t persecute other religions and as such they offer other Muslims an excellent role model for other Middle Eastern nation’s to emulate. Sufism a form of Sunni Islam is far more Moderate and pro-western. They are friends of the U.S., Germany, and others. They also have a great fighting force. They deserve our support.

  • They have their own culture. Apart from the Iraqis

    What separates the Kurds from the people of the previously mentioned countries? Well they have there own culture along with their own Indo-European language; Kurdish, which over 20 million speak in the kurdistan region. (According to Irene Thompson, writer of the About World Languages article on the Kurdish language). The language is very different from Turkish or Arabic, in the way that it uses an extended Latin alphabet as opposed to the Arabic abjad. They also have their own cuisine with dishes such as, Yapraxi galamew, which is rice stuffed in grape leaves, Kfta which is spiced meat cased in thin layer of mashed pudding rice, shifta, which is a form of meat patty, and Mastaw, which is a yogurt based drink.

  • Its their natural right.

    The right to determine your fate is a natural right. Kurds have the right to determine whether they want to live with Arabs in Iraq or have their own country in their own land. It is the natural right of every nation regardless which country or which politician likes and supports it or dislike and oppose it.

  • Their own HOME

    Like everyone else. They have done more than their fair share of protecting the world against Isis whereas majority watch and hear of their fight from the comfort of their homes..They are more than entitled to have their own country. Is long overdue!!! We should support them in whatever way we can.

  • Come tf on

    Ok, so they jave been helping us fight ISIS more then any other country in the Middle East and they are pretty d amn organized stateless nation so imagine how they would be as a nation state. Also, they aren't sitting with sticks up their a$$es and they do more fighting then anyone else around there. Plus they will help sepereat Shiite and Sunni Muslims from where they set up. Jews have Israel. Why can't the Kurds have Kurdistan

  • They are different, they get oppressed, they have western values, they are the Kurdish version of Israel

    After lots of oppression, they need a place for them to practice their religion in peace. People who say no believe that the Kurd and the Muslims get along peacefully but they don't. Even in a kurdish state, it's not like the kurds would want others to convert to Kurdism.

  • They have been the punching bag

    The reason I support Kurdish independence is because they have been treated so badly by EVERYONE that surrounds them. This bloodshed goes back almost a hundred years when the new Turkish government killed them and pushed them out, after that Iraq and Iran start to kill them. They have been falsely accused of being terrorists and they care the only people open to western democracy. The Jews have Israel, the Kurds need a Kurdistan

  • It will upset a major NATO member.

    Turkey is a member of NATO, and the kurds in turkey want to break away from it. This will not do because NATO would side with Turkey due to the nature of the alliance, so if there is a civil war in Turkey, the US may even end up fighting the kurds if they pose a threat to Turkey. Turkey breaking apart will not help anyone except Russia, who wants to weaken NATO. If we don't help Turkey in their war with the kurds, then we obviously can't uphold the treaties we signed when we made NATO, and not only would the world lose faith in us, but the NATO alliance would crumble.

  • Kurds are ethnically Iranic. They are branch of Iranian peoples just like ethnic Persians.

    I am a Kurd and I am Iranian.
    There are also Kurds who think they are a separate race with a unique and unmixed history, their views are drawn from inventions not older than 60 years.
    If you want to look at it anthropologically, then yes, Kurds are a branch of the Iranian tree.

  • The world turns without one.

    No, there should not be an independent Kurdish state, because we cannot keep making new countries for every ethnic group that decides to want their own country. There are ethnicities everywhere. It is unfair to make each country give up land and resources because another group of people demands to take it over. That is bullying on a large scale.

  • Kurdish Failing Economy

    The Kurdish are already relying too heavily on Iraq. If they became their own country, they would only have to depend more on the surrounding countries in the Middle East. They have 20 billion dollars in debt and they are only an autonomous government. They don't even have sovereignty. If they had sovereignty, it would only be harder for them to make money especially with prices of fossil fuels down which they heavily rely on.

  • They never founded a country of their own.

    For a long time the Kurds have lived as nomads in the so-called “Kurdish” lands, which they have mostly ethnically infested after urbanisation...
    They have absolutely NO RIGHT to demand land from well estblishef countries with a long and proud history such as Iran or Turkey.
    Besides, Kurdistan would probably be a failed state with turmoil and civil war, like in the 90’s where Barzani and Talabani turned on each other. Most Kurds do not even speak the same language, and strong societal feudalism is STILL prevalent in Kurdish communities, which would probably lead to extreme corruption amd nepotism. Just look at Barzani in Northern Iraq.

  • The Economic Turmoil

    Kurdistan has served as an entry point for Iraq since Syria became mired in war, providing $8-10 billion BN worth of trade, and holds about a third of Iraq's oil reserve. Therefore, independence will leave a great impact on Iraq's economy, as well as send ripples throughout the countries that constantly trade with them. This will cause the Middle East, which has just started to take a turn for the better, to fall into economic turmoil once more.

  • Countries have Ethnic Diversity

    Kurdistan should not be independent because countries like the United States of America are known as "The Melting Pot" and are perfectly fine with the amount of diversity evident within the country. Yes, there is racism and difference between each ethnicity; however, all are working well together. If a Kurdish country were to establish that will only be the beginning to bigger problems. Furthermore, they will have too much control since they're in the middle of the Middle East. If a war were to rise with the Kurds in the Middle East between any of the Arab countries they would have blockades and that will destroy and make wars worse than they already are. The Kurdish country is a threat not a benefit to the Middle East.

  • No to kurdistan - australia

    The Australian government does not recognize any Kurdish 'parliament' 'government' or 'congress' - whether located in Iraq or not. The progress they make should be made within existing boundaries. However, treatment towards the Kurdish people should uphold and be within the international human rights conditions. Thank you thank you thank you

  • An independent Kurdish state would be disadvantageous to Azerbaijan

    Despite Azerbaijan recognising that the Kurdish people wish to have, and are arguably deserving, of their own independent state, this would be damaging to Azerbaijan's reputation as a strong ally and trading partner of Turkey. Additionally, Kurds make up a significant proportion of Azerbaijan and if Kurdistan were to become independent Azerbaijan would feel a loss to their culture and economy.

  • France wants to keep Turkey happy

    France would not like to upset Turkey that much when their relations aren't that strong. Yet, France would like for Kurdish people to continue fighting ISIS and will continue to give support. France also wants the Kurdish culture to develop, but having a separate country is not needed. Giving the Kurds their own country could lead to many problems, such as having to rewrite the map of the Middle East and maybe other surrounding countries. Other large ethnic groups will start to want their own country, and this can effect the map of the whole world, maybe even leading to a third World War

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