Should there be an integration of the sexes in professional sports?

  • Yes YEs YES

    Why should men not be allowed to play with women since when did sport become based on gender rather than ability passion and determination and why should women step a side to men and not be equal we talk about equality of pay and equal right why is it different in sport.

  • Why would you say no

    Ys, not everyone is built the same way. But nobody is exactly the same. No two people are exactly alike and that is a good thing. We are exactly the same on the inside no matter what you people say. Everybody deserves a chance of equal rights and let's start here. Sexist is not as big of a deal in America as it should be. But that doesn't give you the right to be sexist. Put yourself in a womens shoes. You can't play baseball, you can't be in the NFL, and you are discluded from many professional sports. Did you know there are only 12 teams in the womens basketball league? I bet not because you are to focused on what your opion is to look at the other side. Take it into concideration.

  • Heck to the yes

    Some men say that there should not be a women's professional sports league, even though there already existing. Women should be able to build up themselves and their bodies to show off like how the men do. Men can easily go into a professional sport if they had the training, talent, and supporters. Women sports leagues today are not recognized only because of their are few sponsors that pay the league teams and that no one believes that they'll do better.

  • Give them a chance

    There are no rule to not having women in professional sports. Find the best professional women player and see how she does in her own sport. She might succeed and show that women can play professional sports but if she doesn't no harm will happen and peoples hypothesis would have been correct. NOTHIN TO LOSE LADIES!!!!!

  • Give them a chance so we can write a new chapter in the history books

    More then 65 years ago people thought black athletes couldn't play in professional teams with white athletes and today majority of the professionals teams are multi racial and cultural. So with that being said why shouldn't women be able to play on professional teams with males. I know some people will argue that women are weaker then males and such but thing about it they're males who are weaker then females.

  • They already are

    The National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and National Football League are not sex segregated. There is no gender requirement of their employees in their bylaws, and they're billed as the premier league in the world for their particular sport. There aren't any women playing in these leagues because they aren't good enough to make a roster, but every now and then a women will try out and it will turn in to a publicity stunt.(Female kicker showed up to an NFL regional combine in 2013, female goalie played in a few NHL preseason games in the 90's)

  • Makes Things More Interesting

    Integration of the sexes in sports certainly makes competitions more interesting. There's co-ed volleyball and softball, but only in amateur leagues. The only professional sport I'm aware of that includes members of both sexes would be mixed doubles in tennis. It would be fun to see a combined NBA-WNBA team play against another such squad, just to see how the teams do.

  • It's about time

    Twenty years ago, when I was a little girl, I certainly never would have believed that we still wouldn't have women playing professional baseball and football by now. I went to a baseball game today, and it wasn't something I'd thought about in a long time, and it just made me so sad. Being a professional athlete is just a pretty cool deal. You know there have to be little girls out there who think it would be the coolest thing in the world to play in front of a stadium full of screaming fans, to be on national tv. (And don't try to tell me that playing for a woman's team is just as good, when was the last time a woman won the world series or the super bowl?) I can only hope that it'll start to trickle up from the bottom as little leagues let little girls play, and enraged parents insist high schools let their daughters play football.

  • As a man I say yes

    Men cant do some sports that women can do. Men aren't as flexible as women. Women can't be in football because women are too fragile to get hit by a 300lb. linebacker. Some men think its queer to touch women in sports. Men have to touch people in strange places in wrestling.

    Posted by: bob9
  • Dumb idea sorry

    I'm for women integration in sports when skill allows.
    This rarely happens however, and I'm against a woman getting the job over a more skilled man just to meet a lame quota.

    No quota should ever exist for sex, race, or creed.
    Meet the skill required or u don't play.

  • Men are Naturally Better Built Physically than Women

    This may come off as sexist, but physically men are much better built than women. Maybe a woman would do well in a sport like baseball that requires more skill than athleticism. Other sports like basketball would not go well for women. Maybe a woman could be a very talented basketball player, except you aren't going to find very many women that are 6'8 and 250 lbs that have 35 inch verticals. That's why most sports should remain the way they are

  • No integration of sexes in professional sports.

    No man with a wife wants a woman pushing up against him. Also no woman wants a 260 pound 6'6 man tackling her in football. Furthermore people get very close and there could be chemistry between players, so those would be rules that would be needed to be taken care of.

  • Depends what is meant by "integration"

    If you mean having some sort of quota for women on professional sports teams, absolutely not. Professional sports are and should be based on merit.

    But I have no problem with a woman who is good enough playing in the MLB, NBA, etc. (I don't think most people would, although there might be exceptions in certain full-contact sports.) And there are no rules against it that I'm aware of.

    The fact of the matter is that there just aren't any women who are good enough. It's not a matter of "this woman can beat most men". It's a matter of "this woman can beat the best men".

  • no

    there are some sports that men are surperior in and some that women are surperior in but i think it should only be seperated by how talented you are in that sport so it shouldnt matter and if they are willing to take the risks they should be able to play any sport they want

  • As a woman, I still say no.

    It's a genetic fact that those with a Y chromosome (men) are biologically better at sports than those with two X chromosomes (women). Women can get as offended as they want about it, but there are just too many biological differences for women to be able to compete with men. Sure there are plenty of female athletes that can compete better than most men, but the most well-trained male athlete will almost always outplay the most well-trained female athlete. The bodies of the two sexes are just built too differently to put them in the same field of play together.

  • No there should NOT be an integration of the sexes in professional sports!

    There should definitly not be an integration of the sexes in professional sports. It would just be bad all around, The men wouldn't play as hard because they wouldn't want to hurt the women and it would make for a much less interesting game to watch. Also Womens bodies aren't meant for the same thing as a mans body.

  • NO to intergration of sexes!

    I am a woman, and even I can say that there SHOULD not be an integration of sexes in professional sports. That is getting really carried away. Sports have always worked just fine the way they are; there are women's teams, and male teams. I understand women's sports aren't so popular, but that's no reason to start integrating.

  • No, there should not be an integration of sexes in professional sports.

    No, I don't believe that there should be an integration of sexes in professional sports. In middle and high school, it is ok for boys and girls to be on the same basketball or football team, and it has been happening all over the United States. In professional sports, though, the only people on major league teams are highly competitive, and thus it is much more difficult for most men and women to compete fairly. Also, if both sexes did integrate in professional sports, fans of the games would likely lose interest, because the talent pool would become less skilled, in general.

  • No

    You can not allow sexes to be the same in professional sports. Men and women are not made equally when it comes to their bodies and someone could be hurt badly if you let them on the same field. It should just be plain and simple the best person gets the to play not matter man or woman.

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