Should there be an international effort to put electricity and running water everywhere?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Putting electricity everywhere

    Yes there should. It would help so much with all of the poverty and give the children a place to stay with a warm nice feel to it. If the children and parents cannot afford to live in a house with electricity let there be a place for them to stay.

  • We can not rightly live in opulence while people suffer

    The world should get together and put electricity and clean running water everywhere except for communities that don't want them (like the Amish) although those communities should still be tended to to make sure they are not suffering.

    Electricity, running water, and of course food. No famine is ever caused by a lack of food but by unaffordability. There should be a way to collect information worldwide so that food may be delivered to those who can't afford it.

  • It is the right thing to do

    In our civilised society, it is in our moral obligation to help those that are around us. There are numerous countries in which their population don't have the chance of having clean water and electricity. Most of us who have access to internet don't have to live through these kinds of conditions, but it doesn't mean that they have to. I think that if the international community come together and work with each other, putting electricity and running water is possible.

  • Yeah yes please

    We need water all time to wash and electricity to dirty. If you have no water, what do you make coffee with. Water is good, electricity keeps the beer cold. Please stop this minimum word limit, what else do you want? You have electricity, water. All you need more is good sex.

  • We need it

    They should put electricity and water everywhere people need it think about it think what is it was you with no water people in Africa need the water they need light PEOPLE are dying because of having no water because they have dirty water how would you like it if you had no water or light

  • Be the change you want to see in this world right?

    Of course we should and very well could do this. America always attempts at stepping in to help another country in need like Germany during the haulocost. We should help these "third world countries" by supplying them with, at the very least, what we waste. We are equal to an extent so we all deserve the same rights and if we get the convenience of water systems and electricity or amenities like Internet, then so should everyone else. It is costly but we pay for electricity, shelter, water, and more. Imagine if we had to pay for air. Then we'd never be able to help others out cause we'd have to fend more for ourselves. Right now, we can make change, while the time is right, we should.

  • It would cost way too damn much!

    Putting electricity and running water everywhere is financially impossible to do! I mean have you even SEEN how big and far away the moon is??? The moon isnt even the biggest obstacle! How in the bloody f*** do you expect to get have running water everywhere on the sun when it makes up 99% of all the mass in the solar system!??!?!? There isnt even that mush water in existence!

    Look, maybe if we were just talking about Earth this would be feasible.... But putting it EVERYWHERE just seems like a waste of money, in addition to flat out being impossible and not very beneficial either...

  • Electricity, Running Water Not Needed Everywhere

    The resources and funding needed to fund world wide electricity and running water would be astronomical. Furthermore, there are still fairly uninhabited areas of the world that do not need electricity or water for any specific purpose. I think improving the systems we have and enlarging them as it is needed would be a better use of time and energy.

  • Why should they

    Why should we. If we don't need it what is the point. Why would we put it in places where most people will never go in their life times. And that would cost money that we do not have so why would we let's face it that is a very stupid idea.

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