Should there be an international equivalent to "We the people...?"

  • Yes, but it won't happen.

    Obviously, it would be great if the whole world and everyone on the planet could agree on a manifesto of who we are as humans and what we stand for and want for each other. But realistically it is never going to happen, because we are humans with greedy egos and can not agree about much.

  • Yes,there should be an international equivalent to "We the people..."

    Yes,there should be an international equivalent to "we the people".The world is getting closer and closer together and many consider us all as world citizens.It just makes sense that we have a phrase that can bring us together as one people who have a lot in common when it comes down to it.

  • One World Order Scares People

    I do not believe there should be an international equivalent to "We the people...". In doing so would elicit a world wide government or a one world order or as many people have referred to it as, A New World Order. This idea scares a lot of people because it doesn't really guarantee equality or freedom.

  • No there shouldn't.

    I don't see any reason for there to be an international equivalent to "We the people.." because I think that each country should set what it wants as its standards. People think and feel differently in other cultures, and I think that having a standard for the whole world would not be right.

  • A Whole New Entity?

    I can't say that I fully understand the implications of this questions because it's somewhat vague. I am assuming that if you had an international equivalent to "we the people...", that you are assuming sort of a global government or what has been called in the past, A New World Order. I personally am against it, since governments are leaning more and more into corruption and do less for the common people. I think equality would be more likely to suffer, if one entity ruled, rather than the smaller countries we have now. If anything, the United States would probably benefit if it was split up. Over reaching empires don't end well.

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