• When there is a women's day then why not a men's day too

    It is quite sexist and unfair if you have a recognized day in the year for only one gender. When women have a day to celebrate womanhood, why not have a day to celebrate manhood. How is that sexist? Women's day celebrates great women in history, and pride is felt in the roles women played throughout history. Men too have played important roles in history, just like women. We needn't have had a men's day IF there was no women's day.

  • Yes they should

    Its all about equality. A United States History document says that everybody is allowed to be treated fairly and the same rights. Men have helped this world in a lot of ways. Men have created documents and men have fought for our country. Men should have an international mens day.

  • It's Only Equal

    It's all about equality these days. For unless there should be neither International Men's or Women's day, there should be both.

    Anyone who says otherwise is defying their own cause. Think about it; if I advocated Men's day but condoned Women's day, it would lead to a feminist uproar, but if the opposite happens, it's considered "politically correct."

  • Yes, the idea of gender balance should include men

    There should be an international Men's Day - a special day to honor men as fathers, husbands, leaders, sons and community leaders. In 70 countries, this day already exists. The day should be celebrated officially worldwide. The day isn't as well known as International Women's Day. There should be more media attention with special organized events held in public. There should be/continue to be parades and parties. Men have taken on many roles traditionally held by women - many men are stay-at-home parents, for example. They should be celebrated for their diversity just as well as women.

  • All About Equality

    Although I think that maybe a lot of men have taken it a bit too far this year, I definitely am all for equality. You can't be all for womens rights and striving for equality for women without giving men a holiday of the same calaber as well. So I think it should remain.

  • Of course we should!

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  • Yes yes yes

    We have an international women's day why cant we have an international men's day. Yes yes yes. Z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z zz z z z z z z z z z z z z

  • Go for it

    Personally, I think men and women are equal. There should be a Men's day, but only if there would be a women's too. Wouldn't they feel left out or offended? I think there should be a men's day because there have been so many great men of History. Think about it. Education today in History is a lot about men. Good and bad. But I still think that women should not be left out, considering that there have been great women as well.

  • Yes They Should.

    I can hear the feministas megafems busting down doors peacefully to come over here and protest. If women get a day, why not men? It should be equal. There are no real specific men to celebrate that have created men equality, because there are none. This time it is mens turn. I recently posted a debate on whether women should join the draft. I will use the same line. There are two sides to a coin, if women want men and women equality then men should get the same good things of being a woman. However, this should also be used to say that men get the bad things of being a woman. Gender equality should go both ways, AND it should come with the good and bad.

  • Men have helped this world greatly (women too)

    Men have definitely helped this world become what it is. Think of all the great (male) inventors: Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Larry Page and Seregy Brin (creators of Google). And what about the legendary poets: William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Walt Whitman. Men have done many wonders for this world for mostly the greater good. Yes there have been some bad ones, but there have mostly been good ones.

  • Are you kidding?

    Men have always had all the power since the beginning of time. Do they really need a special day? I don't think so. Don't mean to sound harsh but men have enough Power. They don't a national day. That's just my opinion. It sounds ridiculous to me to have a men's day.

  • No International Man Day

    I definitely think 'men' don't need a day to be represented. It seems like every gender, race, etc has a day now. What would we accomplish by creating a mens day? What would we do? I see no good reason to create a mens day. We should celebrate our lives daily.

  • No, what's the point?

    While in today's world women and men have the same opportunities. (Despite some people being sexist to one another, ether it be male or female) I do not see a good reason to have a day for men.

    Men do have sexist things happen to them, being mocked through sexual harassment and etc. Which is terrible. I know. (I have been groped myself, it's not fun).

    I think international men's day would also not be taken the right way. And be used wrong.

  • It already exsists

    What are we fighting for? Both national woman's day and national men's day already exists. Most people are talking about something they don't even know instead of just doing a little research. Both have no purpose though. Neither is vastly known. And there's no celebration or acknowledgement at all. Therefore, the days should just be abolished. Not just one, both. Therefore, there is equality for all and there's no meaningless day.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-11-20T21:59:51.820
Whoever wrote the article in question is an idiot.
Vox_Veritas says2015-11-20T22:07:05.963
The men clamoring for a men's day would only need to "grow up" if women who lacked their day would also need to refrain from demanding their own day. Alleged male privilege is no reason to decline to acknowledge male contributions to this world, especially whenever female contributions to this world are acknowledged.
That being said, such a day already exists. What needs to change is that people need to show more observance of the holiday.