• It could be made better, but yes there should.

    I am aware of the bad reviews of the recent movie, but it is such a relate able story to some many teens. Love at first sight that you believe is the one. That is what a lot of relationships are in school. I also think that if done right, it could be made in an understandable way for modern people, and they could enjoy it better.

  • I think We're Good For Now

    There are countless adaptations of Romeo & Juliet across the world. I prefer Baz Luhrman's film, William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, which used the language found in the actual play. I believe the directors flare and scope of cinematography was done well through out the film and will work as a viable option for many years to come. If not, there are plenty of other films, mini-series, and made for TV movies left to chose from.

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