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  • No they shouldn't

    I do not think that any juvenile offenders should be put on death row. Even if they make a huge mistake, they could be in prison for a long time or even for life, but death row seems too extreme. I say that, but if he killed a whole bunch of people, then he does need to serve his time.

  • No Death Row

    I do not support the death penalty, so I would have to say that juvenile offenders should not be on death row. I do not feel the death penalty offers justice. I think individuals who commit crimes that warrant a death penalty are better off serving a life sentence with the bare necessities.

  • We should not kill them.

    No, there should not be juvenile offenders on death row, because it is inhumane to kill someone who committed a crime as a child. A juvenile offender can be disabled for life by being held in jail. But it is a whole different story for society to take that next step and kill them.

  • No, juvenile offenders should not receive the death penalty.

    Even if a case can be made that the death penalty is an appropriate punishment in the most heinous of crimes, we cannot extend it to cover juvenile offenders. If we do not trust children under the age of 18 to vote, or buy cigarettes, how can we place the burden of first degree murder (which requires informed intent) on their shoulders?

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