Should there be armed personnel on campuses at schools nationwide (trained individuals who know their way around a gun)?

Asked by: BosMan
  • We shouldn't put the burden of security on untrained individuals

    Our schools should have trained, armed security guards, but those guards should not be within sight of the students but rather in a security post monitoring cameras. A show of force would only instigate more violence - the last thing we need is someone who intends to shoot up a school perceiving and accepting a "challenge" by an armed guard. By stationing armed security out of sight to be monitoring the security cameras, a threat could be spotted early while preventing children from being exposed to armed individuals at their school.

  • Yes, trained security guards only and not school personnel workers in any department or title position.

    We need trained security guards because our teachers and administrators didn't go to college for security. They are teachers and that's exactly what the school pays them for is to teach not secure our schools. The schools need real security with all the gun violence in our country. The teachers are not going to be able to protect anyone, if one class clown knocks the gun away from him or her. It's a disaster waiting to happen even if it's a joke or not really intended to hurt anyone!!!The only people who need to be carrying guns on any school campuses are the security guards or law officials who already carry guns and are trained in them.

  • YES! Great Idea!

    Wanna know why it is almost always SCHOOL hallways that are riddled with bullets? Because the criminals are smart and they know that they will be the only ones who can shoot and/or defend themselves. We need more than just a police officer in schools, we need to let guns onto school grounds as long as the carrier has a permit.

  • Yes it couldn't hurt

    I do think that the extra safety at schools is a good idea. I don't know if it is needed but if they choose to have it then it will do more good then harm. Safety at schools is becoming a very major issue at this point and students need to be safe.

  • There should be armed personnel on campuses at schools nationwide (trained individuals who know their way around a gun).

    There should be armed personnel on campuses at schools nationwide (trained individuals who know their way around a gun). This would provide protection in the schools for everyone at that location and if anyone in there has a gun and can protect the students and staff it would be better than nothing at all. There are a bunch of military coming back from overseas and are looking for work, this would be a good role for them to do.

  • We must protect our children.

    Most schools already have this in the form of city police that patrol the campus, or a dedicated school district police force. But I think it might be a better idea to standardize the approach so that yes, there is one armed officer on major school campuses that is trained to handle an emergency crisis and escalate for backup as needed.

  • I say absolutely

    Believe it or not, I do feel it certainly won't do any harm having armed personnel at schools just as a safety factor. I don't think they should be visible to eye, and more behind the scenes, but there none the less. There have been many school shootings, and if this can stop that, then absolutely.

  • Safety Is Paramount

    I think it would be a good idea for each school to have at least one person on campus who is armed and is familiar with shooting. For the most part, I believe this already happens in many communities, as many schools have an officer on hand, most of the time. I think it is important, however, to remember that we can plan and prepare for what we believe to be the worst and it still won't work.

  • The USA should consider banning guns altogether

    People say that its bad because only the criminals would have guns then, but it's not true. In my country guns are banned and it is much harder for a criminal to obtain one than in a country where every can have guns. In the US 10,000 people are murdered with a gun every year, in my country where guns are banned less than 60 people are killed by guns each year. In so,e countries like japan as few as 1 or 2 are killed by guns each year.

  • We dont need them at EVERY school...

    Lets be honest, most schools will go decades without ever having a school shooting or an incident close to a school shooting. Theres tens of thousands of schools all over the US and school shootings only happen to a handful of them on any given day, its most likely in single digits. Schools and campuses should be able to have the option to have armed personnel at schools who are trained and all, but its not necessary that they be in EVERY school nationwide.

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