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No, school should feel safe as well as BE safe.

   This is a tough question. In my opinion, if children come to school and there is armed security guards and armed teachers, they will feel like they are in a prison, not a school. School is supposed to be a safe place, like home. I understand the possible need for beefed up security, but we need to think about the children as well.
pyrotyguy says2013-04-29T14:32:27.503
I (a 17 year old high school student) would feel much safer having a armed teachers due to the fact if there ever was a threat a response would be much faster.
4thefunofit says2013-04-30T22:55:04.180
The whole world should be safe but it is not. That's why there are police and military.

Schools should be safe but they are not. Therefore something more has to be done to protect these children. What will you say when those children get killed, "At least they felt safe before they got killed."
Leatherneck0844 says2014-02-05T07:34:03.853
Children observe police in malls, shopping centers, sporting events and even sometimes at high school sporting events. The security officer is observed by children at all areas where police are typically not. Again at sporting evens, malls, banks and at parks and sometimes playgrounds. One reason security officers wear uniforms resembling police is so that people can recognize them as an authority or safety figure. Children are taught what uniform a policeman wears, as well as a doctor and a fireman. Children typically do not go to prison and the majority of their interaction is between parents and their teachers. There observation of an armed security officer would be the same observation as that of when they see a policeman at the local mall.
alivia says2014-11-22T10:31:31.010
The point of security guards in schools is to protect the students, teachers and school itself. Sure, it may be a bit of a shock at first but I don't think a lot of kids will/should feel scared once they get used to it. The guards wouldn't be there to harm them, quite the opposite.
Zshock says2016-01-07T17:23:02.670
That last statement in the post was not valid. We are thinking about the children. If we weren't this question as a whole would be invalid. I mean, think about it, the children are raised around violence. There's violence literally everywhere, look at video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons. They all have violence, if parents don't tell their kids that violence is not okay and that violence is not the answer then armed guards are necessary and most definitely should be a necessity. They aren't only protecting the children, but they're protecting the teachers and staff as well. I do understand your opinion and views over this problem, but this is necessary.
zozzle says2016-02-04T13:27:18.183
You're wrong here, my elementary school had a security guard. He was a nice guy and made me and everyone around me feel safe. Without him, one armed criminal could gun down the whole school. Do you understand how bad school shootings are?

Watch this and tell me it's not worth it, not for the feint of heart.

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