Should there be armed security guards and teachers at every school?

  • Not an odd idea, it has merely been politicized

    We protect our most valuable asset. There are security guards at banks to protect the money. If you want to walk into a courthouse there will likely be a metal detector and police throughout the building. I believe that I will go uncontested when I say that children are our most important asset, but I figure I will say it anyways. So why not place protection in front of a building with hundreds of our beloved children? There will always be people who want to hurt others, so why leave the most vulnerable among us without any protection when they are densely congregated.

    If the argument is that it will place a stigma on the children and make them feel differently about school then let me address that two ways. First, there is security everywhere outside of school (stores, government buildings, police)--even the home can have a security system to protect from wrongdoers, so children are used to this. Second, it is only stigmatizing if you picture the security guard acting in a stoic and unapproachable way. Many security guards are very friendly, and if they act friendly with the children then I think there would be a bigger psychological effect from a mean teacher than a security guard.

    Second, if budget is the issue then our priorities are misaligned to a disgusting level. We have the money to protect a few judges at a courthouse, but not hundreds of children. Seems off to me.

    I think the idea has been politicized because those who oppose guns don't want the topic or solution to stray away from gun control. When a different solution is suggested, their support for anti-gun legislation is diluted (I am really not trying to get into that argument, but when you think about it in a non-partisan way, it makes sense.) As a result, many have pushed it off the table of options.

  • To an extent.

    Not teachers, because some would possibly be extremely irresponsible with weapons in a classroom, which would cause problems hiring teachers. But armed security should be at every school. Shootings in which a very large number of people are killed or injured, usually occur in unarmed places, like schools. There may still be a death count, but if there is armed security the problem would be resolved quickly and hopefully efficiently. The culprit doesn't even have to be shot and killed, instead can be overtaken. It doesn't have to be airport tight, and armed security may even be a quite unnerving to students or staff, but mentally that is a small price to pay for overall security of children and staff.

  • It stops events like columbine and sandy hook from happening

    A security guard would have to be highly trained but it wouldn't take away from police work outside of schools because this guard would be just for schools. They also would protect the school way better. It would take 3-5 minutes before police could show up but a security guard would always be there. This year a rule changed at a MIDDLE school near me. They are saying hide until an intruder gets inside your room when in attack him. I believe that that is a bad idea because 30 kids vs. A man with a gun. To keep it safe I believe we need a professional protecting the school rather than a bunch of students trying to fight. In general I believe having a security guard in the school would make the school a much safer place.

  • Better to have security than none.

    Would you let your child go to school with a broken fire alarm? Why not nip it in the bud right now, before it happens again. No, there is no guarantee that this will stop the shootings but I feel that if there are more guards the gunmen would think twice before doing their dirty deed. Or if they are dumb they will still do it and suffer the consequences.

  • Guards will help keep students safe.

    Not only will guards reduce bullying, bad behavior, and fighting, but also keep students safe in the act of a shooting. Guards with thorough background checks, mental health screenings, and proper training can prevent these kinds of things from happening. All in all, with both pros and cons guards, should be at every school in America.

  • Why have everyone get killed

    People need to understand that shooters are just going to kill off the young population. We need security guards to protect the fronts of school and keep students and teachers from getting killed. Students shouldn't have to sacerfise there life just so that way that guy can just be happy. That's unfair.

  • The safety or are children

    I think their should be armed teachers and security guards because what if someone bad came and tried to kill the children and the teacher how would they defend them self by hiding. By the time they call the police their will be people dead. But if teachers or security guards were armed that would be a different story they would all be safe.

  • Do u want your kid shot

    It could save our kids live if you don't live in the best state possible then why would you say no Even if you state has the lowest crime rate someone from a different state could break into the school and shoot it up And beside you don't know the truth about every person...

  • Yes, of course!

    We have armed security all around us everyday. Why are we so averse to the idea of protecting our kids. And you need more than one guard with a pistol at a large school. There's more than one guard at every college right?

    We all hope our kids graduate high school and go to college right? Guess what every college campus has - an armed security force.

    An armed security presence isn't the only, absolute solution. An overall security program of a security force, access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance combined with improved mental health screening and gun control measures is needed.

    We need to revamp the whole system!

  • Protect our children

    We protect our banks, our jewelry and property with armed guards. But not our most valuable . Our children .
    Why are there not guards and armed teacher in every school
    The fire alarms should not be available to the children . They should be heat activated and in the school offices or class rooms. Not in the halls.

  • No, school should feel safe as well as BE safe.

    This is a tough question. In my opinion, if children come to school and there is armed security guards and armed teachers, they will feel like they are in a prison, not a school. School is supposed to be a safe place, like home. I understand the possible need for beefed up security, but we need to think about the children as well.

  • No, it's not even possible.

    It's not possible to have armed security guards at every school, nor is it preferable or does it make very much sense. Even if it were possible, it is not financially feasible. And children have a right to attend school without school being a "police state". Also, even if there were armed guards, if someone decides to do harm, armed guards will not stop that from happening.

  • Not as safe as they used to be.

    After 9/11 happened, no one tried to ban airplanes that help more than x gallons of fuel, they just beefed up the airport security system and no one has ever successfully committed an attack on the 9/11 scale since. Why does it take so long for liberals to figure out the same thing will work for schools. Maybe not arm teachers if they don't have the training, but a few security guards at each school would end these massacres when the shooter realizes that he can't just kill people with no resistance.

  • No, there should not be armed security guards and teachers at every school.

    Teachers are not capable of the responsibility of carrying a firearm at school. There are to many crazy teachers out there. Most teachers decided to enter teaching so that they only have to work nine months out of the year. Giving these lazy people a gun and telling them to stand guard is a bad idea.

  • It's too much

    I understand the question but it might just be too much. If your saying that we have more of them at schools that need them, maybe that would work. Schools are layoff teachers and do not have money to fund anything. We would be trading teachers for security guards. Argh.

  • No, school should feel safe as well as BE safe.

    This is a tough question. In my opinion, if children come to school and there is armed security guards and armed teachers, they will feel like they are in a prison, not a school. School is supposed to be a safe place, like home. I understand the possible need for beefed up security, but we need to think about the children as well.

  • Not unless they are badged!

    Security personnel who are NOT badged law enforcement officials should not be adding flying bullets to the already dangerous environment. If we are talking about an officer employed by police or sheriff, then OK, but not an employee of the school or district. Too much extra risk. And absolutely not until all available prevention and non-lethal alternatives are in place.

  • May Be Killed

    If a security guard were to be armed with a gun, and had an argument with a student, teacher, or anyone the building, is it not possible he would shoot them. Security guards are not as trained as police officers to stay calm in difficult situations. So it is not exactly safe to have armed security guards in schools.

  • Guards maybe but teachers no.

    Having teachers with guns in the school could be a potential danger. Some teachers could be irresponsible with the guns or students could find a way to take one and play with it and someone could end up getting hurt. Having guards in the school would be good if you look at it from the safety perspective but it could make the students feel uncomfortable or intimidated.

  • Guards with Guns?

    What is the point of security guards having guns? Having a gun in school is more of a hazard, many security guards in schools try to be buddy buddy with students. Who says some guards will not allow a student to hold a gun just for the hell of it? Who says a student won't piss off a guard and the guard shoots off his gun like the situation in Georgia? That may not be the same situation, but I would not feel safe if the security guards at my school had guns, it would make me feel more unsafe than I already feel. Guns do not belong in the education system. Leave it to the police to carry fire arms.

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