• Why art should be in schools

    Art should be taught in schools not everyone is academic and art is just as important as any other subject. It teaches people to express themselves to open up different job opportunities and is a very valuable subject. Art is a powerful subject and should be encouraged more people to express themselves.

  • Art is my life

    Art is the way that people and kid get inspired. This is also a way which you can be creative. I think that kids like to draw or illustrate with
    different color because there is a art in every single kid in school thank you very much for reading this.

  • I love art.

    I love art because you can be creative. Also creative means 1.
    Having the quality or power of creating.
    Resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative:
    creative writing.
    Originative; productive (usually followed by of).
    Facetious. Using or creating exaggerated or skewed data, information, etc.:
    creative bookkeeping.

  • Because art is part of life

    Most kids absolutely love to start a art class but most of the kids are ascend to a different class so I think that every kid should participate in art class to find there inner confidence and find what they want to do or to be in life.So therefore in public schools i think every kid should partisipate in art class

  • More art periods

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  • Art is theraputic

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  • I think art should be in schools.

    Art helps people be creative and learn better. If art is in schools, students might like school better because they would find it fun. We need art! I need art to survive! (Sort of) If there is no art in school, where is the fun? Art makes school fun and creative.

  • Art is very important.

    Art should be encouraged and taught at all levels of education. In the United States, we have a University System that requires students to take classes outside of their majors for two years. This is so they can learn a little bit about the world around them. Art is a subject where a person can learn critical thinking skills and problem solving skills that can be used in a variety of other business and recreational applications. Just because you don't readily see a use for Art in your particular career choice, doesn't mean creative problem solving skills won't help. We do ourselves a disservice when we focus too narrowly on what we are doing and forgo creativity which is often a fountain of new ideas.

    Don't stifle creativity, nurture it when it is young.

  • If art can be a college major it needs to be there for kids to work up to.

    So I'm going into college next year, and I'm going to be an art major. Honestly if you asked me 4 years ago I never would have guessed this about myself. After over 12 art classes of all different kinds and after having my portfolio ready a year in advance I have come to the thought of it being my major. If I never took that first art class I wouldn't be where I am today. Not only should it be available, but I think at least one art class should be mandatory.

  • Yes art belongs in public schools.

    Arts is a very important thing to teach our children. Without arts what would children do in their free time-- play video games? Arts includes Art, Literature, Music, Drama, all of these programs are important to the development of great minds. Without the arts to help teach discipline and skills the schools should just close the doors.

  • Art can be bad

    Art can be both good and bad, but mostly bad. In school, we must academically learn things. We can always take art, music, drama and dance after school. This wouldn't be a big issue because we would have less homework if we didn't have 4 subjects any more. Art should be optional, and not in public schools, this way true artist are seen. Think about, what do you do every art class? Do the assignment or talk to your friends?

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