Should there be better civics education in the public school system?

  • Yes there should better civics education in the public school system

    There is a serious problem in America today, not from children in school, but from their parents. America is like a family, dysfunction and all. But in the end we are supposed to be looking out for each other and the country. We should have respect for America, our elders, the sick and the wayward. We should have the human decency to want to keep our country great, yes, by paying taxes. We should want to help those in need, as we would help our children and cousins etc. Instead everyone is out for themselves. I had civics lessons. It was a good thing. I understood about the need to help the country. Be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. If there were civics lessons on how to treat the country, how to behave, how to make things better instead of worse, maybe we wouldn't have so many people with their little minds and even smaller pocketbooks. We need to teach people how to behave in a civilized world. How to work together. It is a shame we can't figure that our for ourselves.

  • Civics education is fundamental.

    Civics is a crucial part of education for many reasons. I think principally the obvious and largely uncontested reason for civics education is that it is the foundation for good citizenship. How can we expect someone to mature into a well-rounded productive adult, able to perform as an effective member of society, if they have no understanding of how and why it should work?
    It instills patriotism to understand how and why our country works the way it does. Children and adults are currently bombarded with multiculturalism and taught to appreciate all other cultures. This would leave anyone felling a since of inadequacy if no time is spent on learning about one’s own culture. Not only civics but new efforts should be made in the study of American history. History is a subject that is very interesting, but generally watered down to cut out any controversy or debate to the same monotone boring lesson year after year. The notion that this question of education should be up for debate makes me wonder if someone was not paying attention in their civics class.

  • keep it going

    Because you should know what you're going to be voting for. Civics will educate you on what you need to know about the government. You should also know how the government works and where your money is going to be going. You need to know what you're voting for and you need knowledge to know what the presidential candidates will know

  • Absolutely yes

    This is one of the major problems I see. A lack of understanding of our legal system and constitution. it should be required to learn what it means in school. If they are going to be expected to vote some day then they should understand how our system works and what is actually in the Constitution so they don't fall victim to lies.

  • Yes the quality of civics education provided in the U.S. public school system needs improvement. Just look at the number of public school students who don't know who the current Speaker of House is.

    The United States needs to have our citizens better understand how government works. We need to educate our child in order for them to become active participating members of the political process. As a country less than 60% of people have voted in national elections; this means that 40% of people are not a part of the political process. Improved civics education would change this.

    Posted by: G4rwIsdead
  • Good civics education helps children, more than being ignorant of the complexities of the system does.

    Civics is a big part of how our country conveys political attitudes to its citizens. Recent political groups have played on the ignorance of low-leveled civics education, in order to manipulate people into voting away their rights. We need further understanding as to how these techniques make things harder for all of us.

    Posted by: GlisteningNelson
  • I do believe that there should be better civics education in the public school system to prepare children to become better, more responsible and invested citizens.

    I do believe that a more expansive civics education is crucial to molding our children into better citizens, and encouraging them to be more active in both the government and society, as a whole.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Yes, there should be better civics lessons, so when people are ready to vote, they know how to vet a political candidate properly.

    Teaching civics should be a priority. Without it, we get candidates like we have today: people that should not be in the position they are in, since they lack the proper background and experience to do the job. If schools teach better, and the parents get on board with proper education, students would be electing candidates for the position based on whether they are qualified or not, and not based on popularity.

    Posted by: ScrawnyNormand46
  • Yes, I think children currently end up ignorant to issues involving civics, because they are never taught it in school.

    It seems like more and more young adults are totally oblivious to many things going on in society. I believe this is from not exposing them to these things in a civics class in high school. It should be a required class that all students must take, in order to graduate. It would result in a society that was more informed.

    Posted by: R04chGrov
  • In order to become fully participating citizens, young people need a firm foundation in the way our government and political systems are set up and run.

    Well educated citizens become knowledgeable voters and participants in the way our country is run, from local to national level politics.

    The current percentage of people who vote in our country's elections is far too low. Voter turnout has been less that 60% for the last forty years. This in part is due to the bland and lackadaisical approach to civics education in the public school system. It is important to introduce strong and involved instructional methods early that will result in a more informed and involved electorate. In the end, this can only make our country stronger.

    Posted by: KnowledgeableWilford94
  • I hate civics

    Ok,civics is boring and if we wanted to learn it we could research or read books or ask people our selves rather than teachers trying to shove this unwanted info down kids throats, alot of kids skip school because of this class, plus if they dont care they arent going to listen and if the kids arent attending or listening the teacher is basically talking to himself so theres no point of teaching it to no one

  • No more civics

    There is no reason to have the class, considering the fact that we are forced to take the civics test with no preparation. Civics education is to help better "self-govern" one's self. Why should I be required to take a test that is more politics than anything else especially if I don't get any preparation or a class.

  • Civics is a passive class

    Civics is a class that bores kids of our generation. Instead students should be allowed to take a class of their choice, as they are already starting to implement in some top schools. Many kids forget their civics as they grow up and the information they learn is often useless

  • History ain't important

    Kick a tin can down the road long enough and eventually that can will get somewhere while picking up dents along the way.
    How dented the can is depends upon how hard it gets kicked.
    Learning is tough business and much like the can to much can leave dents.
    Understanding how the can was made is unimportant...Knowing how to kick it while leaving the fewest dents is!

  • No, I do not think there needs to be more civics education taught in the schools, because it would be excessive.

    I do not think that the school system should spend anymore time on civics than it does. The civics class I had was good and it shed light on certain topics to bring awareness to them. I thought anymore would have been excessive, and really could go on forever. There are better ways to spend the students' time and the county's money.

    Posted by: darialovers
  • Schools Support the Status Quo

    Civics education in a government run school will always tend to be supportive of the current power structure. People who think they know about something are more dangerous than those who know they don't and are open to new information.

    The majority of ignorant political viewpoints can be traced back to a simplistic 7th grade understanding of how the government works. Turning up the dial on this so that Joe the Plumber thinks he knows even more will only lead to more ignorance.

    It's far better for people to learn about important topics on their own. Grades and "right answers" can stifle creativity and understanding, so focusing more time and energy on teaching civics risks creating a population of people that think they know more than they do.

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