• Help people stay alive

    People have died biking on roads the more bikes the better. People dont feel safe these days. Some people ride on rodes and get killed or seriosly ingured. When they have distractions the can die. No one needs to die because of no bike lanes. Help people stay alive in a biking place.

  • We Need Bike Lanes

    We should have more bike lanes because it is not safe enough for bikers because there are many cars and distractions that can be harmful. Also in many surveys the Number One reason why most people won't try biking is because they feel it isn't safe, thus more bike lanes will get more people biking.

  • It kills people

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  • No People Need To Die

    Biking On Roads Kill People!!! We Need More People To Die To Complete My Survey. We Are Trying To Achieve That Cycling On Roads Kill People And To Prove That We Need At Least 100 People To Die So They Can Add More Bike Lanes. So Far 56 People Have Died And We Are Nearly Half Way.

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