• This Needs To Be Done

    We need to have cameras in schools. It could prove bullying and really help catch vandalisers. The cameras could catch thiefs/burglars and also help with the car park managment. I am really for this because it would stop all manners of problems in school. The bully's would be gone, vandalisers would be finished and the school would be fight free.

  • Watch Em Hard

    Absolutely. Many times teachers are blamed for things that students instigate. Many times, teachers are forced to defend themselves. Also, this would be a great tool for helping stop bullying. CCTV in schools would greatly increase the security of the teacher and the students as well as provide evidence for any "after the fact" investigations.

  • It Is Creepy

    Cameras arr distracting, i mean why focus on the boring naggy robotic voice of a teacher when you can focus on the bright shiny black thing behind them, They are expensive and knowing kids of this generation they will always find a way around getting caught for doing things they shouldn't, Also the school hired these people, shouldn't they be able to trust them finally having a camera makes teachers and students more paranoid. I mean it is pretty creepy having your each and every move monitored

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