• Without a doubt

    Catholics may build schools that provide children with more than a secular education. Children should also be raised with religious values, starting from their homes and reinforced in their schools. It is not a violation to the separation of church and state when Catholics build schools that educate children on the Catholic faith.

  • It's a matter of choice

    Catholic Schools have been shown to provide an excellent education, By any secular testing measure. If parents don't want any religion focus for their children, They don't have to send their kids there, But it provides a choice of a quality education for those that do want that sort of religious based education. I'm appalled by the coarse language and virulence of those opposing this choice for parents to educate their children. They speak of "brainwashing" in Catholic schools. I would submit that public schools have their own brainwashing, Such as forcing kids to accept positions on homosexuality that are in conflict with Christian teaching, Just as one example. While those people may say that this is not brainwashing, But rather teaching the truth, But I'd submit that truth in this case is in the eye of the beholder. Again, It's all about choice, And I don't want to live in a society that forces a specific point of view on all children.

  • Hi hello i hate catholic schools

    In this paragraph, I will take to you about what people think about Catholic school.In case you don't know what a Catholic school is, Catholic schools are a place that teaches you about catholic religion and also so other curricula. In the website www.debate.or people are saying that Catholic school is forcing children to wear a cross in their clothing. Catholic school also despise children on going to public school and not just that it is unbelievable that Catholic school only focus on one religion.And that is the problem that many people are facing right now is that it only focus on one rliego.Debate.Org has some other comments but I will not show them all. The main focus of Catholic school is to teach religion you see that is the problem they focus too much about religion and not the education know let me tell you guys what I think about the Catholic school. I think that the Catholic school is a was of time and most of them don't focus on an education they force the children to pray for a specific god. And not many people are even religious but they force them. Imagine that you are a Muslim and going to Catholic school they teach you about their religion and not your religious culture so you feel quite uncomfortable to the topic and you get bullied why too often because you are Muslim. And you don't even get a proper education. Thank you for listing

  • Some students hold doors open for you and others flip you off...

    I teach in both the public school system and the catholic school system. As a supply teacher, the moral/religious/character education provided by the catholic school system is clearly evident in interactions that I have with students (and teachers) in the catholic school system (students hold doors open for me instead of swearing at me, students say kind things to each other as opposed to put each other down). I am not saying that all students in public school systems are bad and that all students in catholic school systems are good (this is on average...Not the rule). The sample size I am dealing with is relatively small. However, I have taught in public school systems in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, and Burlington. I have also taught in the same catholic systems. If the student population is representative of the real world, then I would truly appreciate the love, care, respect, and connectedness that is promoted in the catholic school system. A world in which religious character education is removed from our schools is a scary one. Perhaps what is required before a true vote is taken is that you step foot into both systems as a teacher/educator and see the difference for yourselves.

  • All schools teach religion

    Parents should have the choice - secular humanism in "public" schools is a religion with dogma, rituals, morality and values. Parents should have a choice as per UN Declaration on the Rights of a child to chose the values their child is raised in - why should one "religion" dominate education?

  • Yes but with limitations.

    1. The government and religion are separate. That means governments do not fund religious schools, and parents of students who attend them still must pay taxes that contribute to public schooling. Catholic school should be like private schools.

    2. The choice lays with the student. If a student wants to go to a public school at any point in their schooling, but their parents think otherwise, that student has full authority to choose (to an extent). And vice versa.

    3. (This one is not exactly a must, but socially responsible). Christianity is not mandatory. You will not be reprimanded if you do not practice any catholic activites. Freedom of expression is extended to catholic schools. Religion class (and science class) should be unbiased. Safe-sex, evolution and all religions should at least be briefed.

    4. If there such things like catholic schools, there could also be islamic schools, buddhist schools, atheist schools, etc.

  • It's a cultural choice

    Parents should have the right *to some degree* to choose what their children learn, and it is mostly a cultural choice. I am not at all religious, in fact I identify as a fairly militant atheist, however I spent the first 12 years of my life in Catholic education, church every Sunday, etc. We had religion class, sure, but it was actually a very good education otherwise and I still have good friends from those days.

    I was actually quite devout for the better part of my childhood and my parents always supported me. I remember the first time I came home with some doubts about religion and had a long conversation with my dad about those doubts. At the end of the conversation still not satisfied with what I had been told at school and in church I told my dad, "I'm sorry, but I think I might be an atheist..." Expecting a stern rebuke I was amazed at my father's response, he said "Glad you finally figured it out, I was getting tired of missing the games on Sunday."

    The most important thing we need to teach the next generation is critical thinking. Providing the tools to parse through information is more important now in this "Age of Information" then it has ever been before. Armed with those tools all that's left is to show them both sides of the story and then ask, "So what do you think?"

    Don't teach them what to think, teach them how to think, and then let them find their way; their revelations will be all the more meaningful because of it.

  • Of course there should

    If public schools are. To going to offer religious education, then it is important that there are schools out there that will offer religious classes so parents can choose to send their children there to get a good religious education. These schools would not be attended by people who did not want religion for their children. So they are not harming anyone.

  • Absolutely 100% Yes!!!

    Catholic schools are invaluable in that they offer moral education along with the required curriculum. As citizens of the United States of America, we have freedom of religion, under which we are able to run Catholic schools. For those who argue that Catholic school "brainwash children" and "impose their beliefs", you are not required to attend a Catholic school. I have yet to visit a town where there is no public school available as an alternative to a Catholic school education. Catholic schools are a wonderful way to shape young Catholic's lives by enforcing the principles and beliefs taught by the Catholic church.

  • Yes indeed and this is why

    We live in a jacked up world with little to no morals. The Christians, Catholics and orthodox especially teach morals along with school subjects. Why would anyone be stupid enough to get rid of one of the few places that teaches morals. Not only that but Catholic schools are extremely good schools and one of the last hopes for our country's educational system. Like I said why would anyone be stupid enough to get rid of this country last hope( our politicians aren't that).

  • Brainwashes children, bad schools

    In catholic schools, some teachers even teach us to despise kids from public schools. Catholic schools are often filled with racist, ignorant, white bitches. They grow up thinking that their religion makes them more superior than others. I know that all of this is true because I've been to a catholic school before.

  • Ban all catholicism and religion

    All religious schools should be banned, period. No decent parent sends their kid to a brainwashing seminar where they're told they have to withhold desire and believe in some god or they'll burn forever in hell when they die. These worthless schools teach nothing but insanity and conformity, forcing children to wear uniforms with a cross on it. Absolutely pathetic. Ban catholicism, don't let them spread their mental illness!
    And no, catholicism in all lowercase is not a grammatical error. It's the correct way to spell it.

  • Children need to be protected from opportunistic predators within the Catholic Church

    The staggering number of children who have been victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests, brothers and nuns is beyond criminal, beyond horrifying. How on earth is the Catholic Church still allowed to run any care institution or school after these findings. If it was a private institution found guilty of such atrocities, they'd be shut down, banned from ever operating a care facility again. Say NO to Catholic education, say NO to child abuse.

  • Forcing to participate in Catholicism is stupid.

    We are living in 2017, where we have
    the freedom to change religion or belief;
    the freedom to exercise religion or belief publicly or privately, alone or with others;
    the freedom to exercise religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance; and
    the right to have no religion (e.G. To be atheist or agnostic) or to have non-religious beliefs
    It is also stupid that there are schools that have specific religions.

  • The 1600's called it wants its education model back.

    May I remind all readers that it was the Catholic Church who started the crusades advocating for an intolerance of Muslims and non Catholics. Also the Catholic Church is responsible for many uprisings of multiple European leaders including but not limited to the Spanish, British, French, and German monarchies. Some obviously more successful than others. The British were the smartest nation in Europe by telling the church to get lost. Also the Catholic Church worldwide as sexually abused more children than any government in history more so than Nazi Germany. Also the Catholic church is very anti women and believes women are inferior a belief that I think any self respecting women would not want their children exposed to. Catholic schools are also not welcoming of views outside of the church and will teach to the fairy tales they want you to believe happened. Creationism is often more taught than evolution and we all know the only factual statement is evolution. In Ireland the situation is so bad with the state run catholic schools the European Union and the United Nations (both of these institutions are unfamiliar to catholic school educated people, this statement is from personal experience of having to explain what these institutions are to catholic school educated individuals) had to get involved to ensure non Catholics have education opportunities in Ireland and progress is still not where it should be. There are plenty of non secular independent schools that can serve as an alternate to public school although many public schools in this country are underrated.

  • I was a victim of catholic school.

    Catholic Schools teach conformity and nothing beyond that. Let me share with you a story that pretty much sums it all up.

    A boy walks into his first grade classroom. "Where should I sit?" He asks the teacher "Near the door." She responds, pointing to a desk, near the door. "Today, we are going to draw flowers." The teacher explains to her class. The boy was overjoyed. He loved doing art. He drew all kinds of flowers, orange, yellow, blue, green flowers. He looks up, and sees the teacher standing over him. She points to the board, where she has drawn a flower of her own. The boy copies the flower, a red flower on a green stem. The next day, the teacher says "Today we will draw houses." The boy draws mansions, shacks, houseboats, every home imaginable. He looks up, and sees the teacher standing over him. She points to the board, where she has drawn a flower is her own. The boy copies it, a square house with a triangle roof and one window, right in the center. The boys parents hit rock bottom financially, so they send him to public school. He walks in, "Where should I sit?"
    The boy sits down, near the door. "Today, we are going to draw." The teacher instructs. The boys looks down at his paper, and slowly, carefully draws a red flower with a green stem.

    I feel like I've gotten my point across.

  • It forces religion upon impressionable children

    Religious schools that hammer and hammer and hammer a certain set of beliefs into the skulls of our youth are doing a lot of harm; they are in essence brainwashing future generations. They teach children not to question the world around them or draw their own conclusions, it teaches them that THEIR way is the only correct way and that they should live their entire lives off a belief system that is thousands of years old.

  • I think religion has no place in the education system

    Why does someone have the requirement to believe and learn a religion in order to pass a school and be succesful? I think its stupid and kind of oppresses people and their freedom of religion.
    And its unfair that catholics are the only ones who get special schools, escpecially in a multicultural society like canada. Which is why there should only be public school or no government controlled education monopoly at all.

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