• Why kids need cell phones

    I think cellphones be allowed in schools because parents like to talk to their kids after schools or parents like kids to have their phones in case of emergency but phones can be a distraction but teachers can control what cites kids can go on at school also phones can be a edgucational recourse parents also might want to call or text to tell that a different person is picking them up

  • I believe that they should.

    Students should be able to use their phones in school, because if their is an emergency they could call for help. Another reason students should use phones in school is, because it could save paper by taking notes on your phone or going on websites for activities. The teachers could also set up a firewall that could prevent students from accessing other apps on their devices. That is why i think students should be able to use their phones in school.

  • Cell phones should be in school

    Cause we are aloud to use computer, but not our phones? So unfair
    why are the teachers so lucky we deserve to have our phone two. You call us responable why dont you all show it so agree to my opinion ,yes and could our phones. P.S. Yall are awesome

  • Why shouldn't we?

    I mean I don't personally see anything wrong wit it because I am still in middle school but students have a right to use their phones>I mean if the board of education says that we cant use our cell phones then that is a different approach that I will not talk about. But since its the school saying it then I don't see the problem with it.

  • Yes there should be!

    There should be cell phones in school becuase it allows people to call 911 or other people in case of emergencies. Cell phones are a distraction during class so students should turn their cell phones off then. Students can also use study websites likes Study Stacks to study for class.

  • Yes, but not in use or in evidence.

    Children and teens in school should be able to have cell phones in case of emergency or to call their parents, but these should be disallowed when it comes to class room activity. They should be in back packs or in pockets and a teacher should be allowed to confiscate if they are used in class.

  • Cell phones should be allowed in schools.

    Provided they are not being used while in class, cell phones don't really pose any problems. They provide a way for students to contact rides to and from school, and contacts in case of an emergency situation either going to or from school, or even while at school. Should an emergency situation arise in class, help could be reached much easier with cell phones.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Cellphones also provide internet access to students. To some allowing internet access to adolescences on their cellphones during school hours doesn’t sound like a brilliant idea because students could access inappropriate materials, but there are new techniques that can prevent that. Schools who do not allow cellphones could follow in the footsteps of Iroquois high school in KY “parents have to sign a waiver covering things like damage and appropriate use and during school hours, students will have to use the districts wireless network which has security firewalls that prohibit them from getting on inappropriate websites” (Ansari, “Students and Smartphones, Area Schools Embracing Technology”). There’s many different ways to monitor what children can see on their electronic devices. Schools could use the same system some parents use on their children’s devices; like parental blocking programs and Wi-Fi firewalls.
    Cellphones can be a resource for quick research and impact students that are visual learners. If students are reading about an unfamiliar setting or period in time, with cellphones and their internet access they could look up what people wore, what places looked like, and get a feel for their next chapter in the class. With cellphones students will be able to find the research strategies that suit them best.

  • No, it's rude!

    You should use your phone, but only if there's an emergency. If you do it during class or when someone is talking, it's very rude and you could get your phone taken away. It doesn't matter what you're doing on your phone during class, you should not be using it during school hours, unless there is an emergency.

  • As a teen myself, I think not.

    In my opinion, cellphones do not help students in school. Many students use them to cheat on tests and look up answers to questions on classroom assignments. Using cellphones in school makes students dumber because they don't see the need to use their brains in many cases, since google can supply them with a quick and easy answer. As for those people on the "Yes" side saying phones can be used in emergencies:
    1) Parents should know their children are at school so there is no need to check up on them. Being a helicopter parent is not healthy and one day their children will (hopefully) leave their homes and live their own lives.

    2) If an emergency takes place at a school, many schools send out calling posts to the parents' numbers. If there is anything important that goes on at a school, parents will most likely receive a message on their personal or home phones.

    Cellphones are also a serious distraction in the classroom. Many times I see my own peers on their phones while teachers are giving academic instruction. Then those same students generally ask a question that the teacher already answered while he/she was teaching. Those type of students also end up getting lower grades. I don't see how the benefits of using phones in school outweigh the bad on this one. I see what phones do to people in class. It's so distracting and I am guilty of using mine in class sometime. I sometimes wish we had the trac phones still so that we wouldn't be on it so much geeze.

  • It’s demoralizing teens from the ages 12-18

    The reason I say this is because, more teens are to text in class than actually participating in the class room. For example, say that there is a group project among the class and you have that one teen that stays on it the whole time... How would you feel?

  • It is bad for your security

    It is bad for your security. If there is a bomb threat it is dangerous. If you use you phone it might make the bomb explode. And if you use it in recces, someone might call you and track your device. Then, your life will be in danger. They could do something bad to you.

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