Should there be championships in middle school sports?

  • Sports are encouraging

    Championship sports are important even for kids in middle school. They encourage kids to work hard for something big. Championships are also a test of a team's skill level. Also, most people don't like working hard for nothing. Lots of kids would love to have a title in middle school.

  • Yes, They Should!

    I am on my middle school girls basketball team and we have both won and lost. I would love for there to be championships even if we do lose. It will give all schools chances to test their skill. Also, if you signed on for the team, you signed up for the chance of winning and losing games as well, so there shouldn't be a problem.

  • There should be championships in middle school sports.

    Having a championships at such a young age is only promoting competition which is not a bad thing. Competition is a way of life and people can improve themselves by being involved with it. Of course the championships might not be anything eventful, but to the kids involved it is fun and something that they can do.

  • Schools Need to be Competitive.

    If kids arent challenged athletically why would they want to go to school?????? At school most kids only preform because they want to be academically eligible and if there is no competitive sports to participate in why would they want to achive accadimically????I know for sure the only reason i preform accadimically in the 8th grade is because whe have competitive athletics.

  • To get a experience before sitting the bench in high school.

    I think it would be good for championships in middle school because once you get into high school, things are harder. The average kid normally sits the bench, but in middle school, a kid might get a chance to be once a team where he contributes and feel the win and satisfaction of helping a team go to a championship.

  • YES - Healthy source of motivation and memorable experiences for those involved.

    Of course there should be. Middle school athletes aren't oblivious to incentives, and working towards the greater goal of winning a championship is a healthy motivator that makes the game more fun. This isn't to suggest that winning a championship should be the single measurement of success, since the primary purpose of middle school sports is to have fun and develop relevant skills, including teamwork and self-discipline. Winning a championship, no matter what age, is a unique experience that these kids will remember for the rest of their lives. There is nothing inherently wrong with the idea of a championship in middle school sports, and I fully support their continuing existence.

  • Learning how to compete is a valuable lesson

    Not just for sports, but in life, we have to let kids learn that sometimes they win, sometimes they will lose.

    The sooner kids learn these lessons, the better and least likely they'll grow up expecting or worse, demanding entitlements that aren't earned. Sports and championships teach them this; to work towards a goal, to strive to be there for their team mates and to give 100% every time they hit the field.

    The lessons that carry over into their personal and work lives are invaluable and immense.

  • Athletic self confidence

    Championships can be a good experience for the winning team however the players on the losing team can feel like they let down each other and ending up not succeeding in their sport because of their lack of confidence in themselves. This could make or break an athlete, those that want to succeed should do it their own way.

  • It is middle school

    Middle school sports are for the development of young players to get them ready for high school. I get that every time you step on the field, court, etc. You want to win but the overall goal for the season is to develop so when there is a chance for a championship... In high school you will have enough talent and experience to win.

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