Should there be child care centers in the workplace?

  • Child Care Centers in the Workplace

    Without a doubt, child care centers in the workplace make sense for certain professions. For instance, corporate executives or other high profile professionals deserve child care services in their workplace. They should have to pay for these services, but they should be an option no matter what. Certain companies offer such perks, but they are somewhat rare.

  • Absolutely. No Question about it.

    1) Parents would be able to check in on their children many times during the day this allows them to know what is going on with their child at all times. If the child is crabby the parent can go down to the center on their break time and try to calm them down.

    2) Nursing mothers would be able to nurse their babies when they need to be fed. The mothers would not have to pump and freeze breast milk for later use.

    3) Mothers would be able to come back to work earlier because they would be more comfortable knowing that their newborn is right there and that they can go spend quality time with them at any time during the day. Most mothers take 6-12 weeks so that they can have quality time with their newborns, this would be possible with a in work child care center.

    4) If a child gets injured the parent is right there to help. They don't have to be called and take 20 minutes to travel to the childcare and pick up the child. They will know right away when something happens.

    5) It would cut down on the number of children that are abused and neglected in child care centers because most large businesses have security cameras that will see anything bad being inflicted upon the child.

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