Should there be compulsory childhood vaccination, unless there is a medical reason?

Asked by: reubencpiplupyay
  • There should be!

    We should make vaccines compulsory for children, unless they have a medical reason. So, you may ask, why not for adults? We could try to convince them with reasoned arguments, but if they are too stubborn to change in the face of scientific evidence, let disease remove them and their ideas from the gene pool. Children inherit their ideas from their parents. We can't have any more innocent children dying from their parents' follies. It is a sad truth, but it is the only effective and ethical way.

  • Freedom of Choice

    While I am not anti-vaccine, I believe its still important to give parents the right to choose when their child is vaccinated. Although scientific evidence points towards vaccines not containing risks, the fact that infants are bombarded with vaccines shortly after birth like a racehorse stirs a lot of mixed feelings and doubt for a lot of parents. If the parents of a child would rather space these vaccines out over a longer period of time, rather than all at once, I believe it is their Constitutional right to make that decision. In my opinion, the Government's role is not to protect the people, but to protect the rights of the people to protect themselves in ways they seem fit. If parents would rather proceed with vaccinations in an unconventional way based on risks they see on both sides of the equation, it is entirely in their right to do so.

  • Liberty is still important.

    I understand that the stating of liberty is an often reoccurring argument, but, for me at least, one that needs to be brought up. I have nothing against vaccinations, I believe them to be important and healthy for humanity and would very much encourage those hesitant on the prospect to go through with it, but ultimately it is the parent's choice of what happens to their little child. It is sad to see what may occur, but, I believe, ultimately it shall be the parents' own guilt that should be their own undoing, not a central force mandating their action.

    I'm generally against the idea of compulsory action. Though it may solve many issues, like all things it relies on the idea that someone knows what is best for people all people, of thousands of different living states. We cannot force people to share our mindsets on issues. Everyone is forged uniquely in the fires of life, each having their own beliefs of what is important and what isn't. Should we force everyone to think or act alike, a dangerous idea for moving forward would never be challenged, and may consume us. Individually we can never be perfect, but through debate and the exchanging of perspectives and compromise we may at least come close to it.

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