Should there be controversy surrounding Lil B's album entitled 'I'm Gay (I'm Happy)' because he is heterosexual?

  • Yes, the meaning of the word has changed

    The popular meaning of the word gay used to mean happy many decades ago, but the typical context of the word no longer includes this meaning. Words do change over time, and so controversy over the album title is appropriate. The term "Palestinian" technically means anyone from the Palestine region, which would include Israelis, but that's not how it's actually used. Likewise, anyone actually born in the United States is technically a Native American, but that's not how that term is used either. "Gay" means homosexuals and lesbians and should only be used in that context for now.

  • controversy surrounding Lil B's

    I personally agree,Lil B had apparently signed with Amalgam Digital in 2010 for a multiple album deal. However, he appears to have only released one record through the label, and his subsequent records were released independently either through mixtape hosting website DatPiff, or iTunes, published under "BasedWorld Records".
    In November 2010, Lil B was featured in his first cover on the publication The FADER, in its 71st issue.

  • Is this question a joke?

    Its obvious that Lil B did this to cause a stir. Obviously the connotation surrounding the word is generally that of homosexuality, but this doesn't negate the fact that Gay meant happy and most people know that.

    "Don we now are gay apparel" when that is sung to you get ticked off? I would hope not.
    Or what about Bowling for Soup's I'm Gay?
    No one should care that much.

  • No, There Shouldn't

    Prior to the current terminology for gay, the term also means happy, and that definition is still used in today's English language. For this reason, I do not believe their should be controversy surrounding Lil B's album, which is titled, I'm Gay (I'm Happy). His sexual orientation is irrelevant, in my opinion.

  • Who cares what a musician says.

    No, there should not be controversy surrounding Lil B's album entitled "I'm Gay and I'm Happy" because he is heterosexual, because Lil B's work is not significant enough for there to be a controversy about it. Lady Gaga was born that way too. It does not matter that a new musicians are trying to be controversial.

  • No, there should be no controversy surroung 'I'm Gay'

    No, there should be no controversy surrounding Lil B's album entitled, 'I'm Gay'. Even if the meaning of the title was in reference to homosexuality there should be no controversy because we have the first amendment to the United States Constitution, which protects freedom of speech. However, because the meaning is happiness it simply reflects how ignorant and ill-informed we as a society have become.

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