Should there be curfew laws for juveniles?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Juveniles should be home at a certain time

    Yes, I think that juveniles should have a curfew that is enforced by law. One reason behind this thought is that on a school night juveniles should be home getting ready for school in the morning. There is nothing going on that can justify them being out after a certain time, except work. Furthermore, during the weekend crime goes up and to counter the juveniles part in this instance, a weekend curfew should be established as well.

  • Yes there should be.

    Yes there should be. Curfew laws are there to keeps kids safe and away from harms way once it starts to get dark out. It is the best way to know a kid is not out causing trouble or getting into trouble themselves. Curfew laws are the best way for kids to stay home.

  • Yes. I believe there should be curfew laws for juveniles.

    Yes. I believe there should definitely be curfew laws for juveniles, because children should not be out at night after a certain time. It is simply not safe. Juvenile curfew laws would be great because some parents are negligent, and they do not enforce rules, or curfews on their children.

  • I think they should.

    I don't even think people under 20 have business being out late at night, even if they are with their parents. I was accompanied by my parents and I still vandalized, did drugs so unless there is a specific legitimate reason that they are out they should not be out. I am now 28 but I wish I had not done all those stupid things. People may say it violates minors' rights but minors under 20 can't exercise their rights properly and even when they are out with their parents or another adult it doesn't mean they will get killed or shot.

  • Parental Responsibility Plus Teaches Kids Independence

    Kids need to learn independence. Part of that is walking or bicycling to your friend's house for your sleepovers instead of relying on your parents to take you there. Parents NOT the government are the best judge of when a child is ready for this responsibility. Keeping teenagers dependent on their parents to take them everywhere will just keep them lazy and entitled, and greatly limits social opportunities for those teenagers whose parents are unwilling to do that. Teenagers have to be allowed to do things for themselves to learn and value independence and self-sufficiency.

    People say things like "kids need to be in school". School isn't every day. Furthermore arguments like that when read by teenagers will encourage a "I hate school" mindset.

    As to crime again parental responsibility. Parents need to teach their kids good values and they also need to teach their kids how to be safe and avoid unsafe areas while walking.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think there should be curfew laws for juveniles. I think that it is the parents business what the child is doing and when they are out. When I was young I used to ride my bike all around our small town at about 10 pm. I was about 16, and it was so peaceful. The law needs to stay out of the kind of thing. Unless the kid causing trouble and breaking the law.

  • Parents, Not Governments, Responsible for Kids

    Only under extreme emergencies such as martial law or extreme natural disasters should curfews be implemented for anyone. Curfews for kids should be up to parents, not up to local laws. That's the point of parenting in the first place--making sure kids are safe and unharmed. Parents set curfews, not city councils or state legislatures.

  • It takes away all freedom.

    Young people can't make healthcare decisions (except reproductive), get a job without a parent's permission and permission from the state based on a medical exam, they can't leave their home without their parent's permission or they will be considered a "runaway" and cops will arrest them, bring them home and put them in juvenile justice and anything they buy, even with their own money, can be taken from them by their parents at any time for any reason. Now all of a sudden they cannot be outside without police harassing them. Who is the government to say that young people are too irresponsible to be out?

    Many Americans believe a misinterpreted study that the brain is not fully competent till 25. The study restrained teens and adults to an MRI and had them perform a task and, while teens and adults performed EQUALLY WELL, they both used different parts of their brains in the task. They failed to explain WHY? The brain is influenced by experience and outside factors and teens have different influences then adults with school system and having parents in their lives. It's usually fully competent around 12-15 and continues to develop throughout life, not around 25.

    In all mammal species, the animal is an adult upon puberty. When a person hits puberty they realize their parents will control their lives for the next 5 years and they feel like adults and imagine how that feels? This is why teens act angry and "defiant". In addition, studies showed no correlation between lack of curfews and juvenile crime.

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