Should there be daytime curfews for people under 18 during school hours?

Asked by: Fanny
  • There should be daytime curfews for people under 18 during school hours.

    There should be daytime curfews for people under 18 during school hours.People under the age of 18 need to be doing something productive during school hours.This could include several different activities such as attending school,home schooling or even working at a job.The one thing it doesn't include is roaming around at random.

  • Yes there should be a curfew.

    There should be a curfew for anyone under 18 during school days as it will keep children from getting into trouble with the law late at night, and almost force them into getting the education they need by not letting them roam around outside the house late into the night.

  • It is a form of discrimination and against thier human rights.

    People have the right to go we’re they want when they want regardless of age or day of week, period. It would prevent students from participating in beneficial activities, and if a child was out late doing something, they would be afraid to go home if it got dangerous. Also, it would risk lives in the case of teenagers needing to be out in case of an emergency and how would the cops know who is eighteen. It would also distract cops from REAL issues by distracting them with a pretend problem and law created simply to force teens into submission.

  • No! This is not fair!

    Lately the school has been thinking they can take over our lives. They think have more authority than our own parents. Heck you can even get in trouble at school for something you did outside of school. The school has too ,ugh say in our lives. We already have two parents don't force us to have another.

  • Students shouldn't have curfew

    Students shouldn't have curfew because i don't think its the community responsibility to tell someones else child what they have to do. Parents should decide whether or not they want their child to have an curfew or not. Many students made have after school activities or some might have after school practice that they cant attend because of the curfew.

  • No, parents can choose.

    No, there should not be daytime curfews for people under 18 during school hours, because parents should be able to help direct their children's activities. A child might be in an activity that is late at night that is worth while. An example of that would be performing in a civic theater production. They might be out until midnight, but this is very worthwhile. Parents should decide.

  • What would be the point?

    I completely understand the purpose of there being a curfew for younger people in high school and during the weekends, too. However, I do not see the purpose in there ever being a daytime curfew. I highly doubt it would even be really enforced regardless, since the idea sounds silly.

  • No, not daytime curfews.

    There should be curfews for young people under the age of 18 on school nights, but that should be a reasonable time in the evening. There should be no curfew that is unreasonably early because young people have duties and friends and work jobs that close in the evening so they need some leeway.

  • Obviously not

    What is this fascism? Just because someone is under the magic number, 18 doesn't mean they need to be completely controlled! Adultism is a massive threat that is going unnoticed. Things like this make me sick. Lets imagine it said; Should there be daytime curfews for black people during holidays? There would be outrage! What is the difference? There are plenty of under-18s that are just as intelligent as any adult

  • What if a home schooled child wants to go to the library to get a book on the subject he's learning.

    And he will have to be stopped by police. And there is no way to tell which child is home schooled or if a child's school has a different schedule. Daytime curfews are not effective at combating truancy. The best way to handle truancy is to have schools identify students who are absent and visit their homes finding out why they are not in school and then get them the help they need. Daytime curfews also violate a minors 4th and 5th amendment right to move about freely without government interference. The Supreme Court expressly recognized the fundamental importance of a citizen's right to move about at will.

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