• They deserve it

    Rapists peedophiles murderers and terrorists destroy lives and deserve to die . They are too dangerous to be released back into society and it will act as a deterrent so it will also stop future crimes. It should be mandatory. People have a right to seek justice and the death penalty is justice.

  • Justice for murder victims.

    Life is worthless if we punish the taking of life with anything less than death. Lack of the death penalty shows that society is protecting the life of a murderer more than it protected the life of an innocent soul.

    No, it doesn't bring the victim back to life. But neither does life in prison.

    Yes, two wrongs sometimes do make a right. If you don't think so, why punish criminals at all?

    There is a deterrent effect. This is worth any extra court costs.

    Death penalty murderers cannot be "rehabilitated". They should be shot within a year of the verdict, after 12 months to get their appeals in order.

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