• Lock all of them up for life in max security prison or death penalty

    Normally I step back from playing God. But for cases like Eipstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Both of them are a threat to children and have sexually assaulted/abused them. Pedos are child rapists and child molestors who cannot be reasoned with and choose to be attracted to children. Either give them death penalty or imprison all of them for life and make them all register on a pedo list even if they have not done anything because they will just like sex offenders. Pedos who live in villages free can make their way to children. They are inhumane demons who don't deserve to have rights or freedom.

  • Yes kill them

    We were allowed to do it back then because being a pedophile was a big disease and nobody should ever have a chance to go NEAR a child. Protect your child everyone because there are people out there looking for them. If you walk into someone molesting your child you can blow their f4cking head off with a shotgun legally as far as I know. And it should be legal. Keep those disgusting f4cks out of our society. We shouldn’t be anymore tolerant to these people than we are Religious people

    (And this is coming from a very anti religious person just so you guys know)

  • No one deserves to die!

    Violence is never the answer. There is no reason to take a human life. Not ever. The only thing that deserves the death penalty is the death penalty itself.

    Pedophiles should just be jailed or have to live in child-free sex offender communities. Ever heard of Pahokee, Florida? Its "Miracle Village" has helped sex offenders integrate with society and be less of a burden.

  • No one on earth deserves the death penalty. Also you can not thrown people in jail discriminately.

    I can not stress this enough: Pedophiles are NOT child rapist, Or molesters. Just because their attracted to children does not give you, Or the government the right to discriminate. This kind of discrimination will break the US, And millions of people will be thrown in jail for life discriminately. Same thing happened and is still happening to blacks, And will be happening pedophiles.

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