• Deer Over Population is Bad

    Over population is very unhealthy to the united states and all over the untied states it kills people It make starvation of other animals and them self and it can cause millions of dollars in home and property damage or even your trucks or cars. I've hit a deer my truck was totaled and hit Got me 2000$ worth of medical bills.

  • Only in areas where there are no significant natural predators

    Deer, when left completely unchecked, with no predators, can be extremely bad for their habitat. For example, natural woodlands can be decimated by starving deer if their populations grow too large for the habitat to handle, which has happened across many states of the US and most of Britain, where there are no large predators to keep the deer in check, where they breed and breed until there's no more room for them all and the habitat suffers through overgrazing. Don't get me wrong, deer are amazing animals and have every right to exist - but they do need to be managed, or our woodlands will be badly degraded.

  • Yes, there should be deer management

    Yes, there should be deer management. I grew up in a place with an overpopulation of deer and it can be very dangerous. There are innumerable car accidents due to deer every year, costing people money and causing animals to suffer. Deer management can help avoid some of these and other problems, if done correctly.

  • No, there should not be deer management.

    Deer should be allowed to follow a natural pattern of life like most other animals. Having a management program in place would mean that deer would be killed for the purpose of lowering the amount of deer in a specific area. This may or may not be a good thing.

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