• Dicks in their butt

    They should just go back to fucking dicks and sucking them and putting dicks in their butts rather than playing sports. Females can just suck my pussy. Yeah im a lesbian. I am a stripper. I love to have sex. I hate playing sports though. So you can come on the bed with me.

  • I'm stuck in the middle but...

    No it's not fair when boys talk about girls sports like they are nothing and it really does annoy me. Yes girls should be able to play boy sports the same for boys, but is it fair when the fact is that men are generally more able in sporting then women. You play the best male footballer against the best female footballer and as much as I wish I didn't say it, but the men are better. What we are forgetting is women have their talents the female ballerina dances are beautiful and elegant and that's not the only sport. I just think that there should definitely be a split in male and female sport, because it is not fair...On the women. Women are brilliant and it maybe in the future better than men, but at the moment I feel it is just moral harming to put kids together. It's nobody's fault it's the way that we have evolved.

  • Of course not!

    How would men feel if women took away all of their glory? If they were compared to girls and deemed not good enough? Sure, men are supposedly stronger and more able bodied than girls, but honestly, who cares?! Are people really that biased? At the very least, girls and women should be able to have their own major sports leagues, like the NHL, NBA, and the NFL.

  • Boys and Girls should be treated the same!!!!!

    No matter if you are a boy or a girl, everyone should have the right to part-take in sport, even if they are no the Usaine Bolt or David Beckham of their sport. I believe that the wages between women and men are unequal and that even some women are better at sport then some men

  • Every one needs to understand that girls are perfectly capable of playing sports!

    Many of the sports theses days focus only one me, leaving women out of the equation. It's annoying when boys talk about girls like they can't play sports, even though some girls may be even better than them. It's also unfair that men get payed more than women for sports and it's harder for women to get a career in one of the sports. No, men and women should both be equal.

  • Absolutely not!!!! Boys and girls can both play sports!

    Maybe there should be girls sports and boys sports, but no child should be turned away from sports because of their gender. For instance, many girls are better than boys at [insert sport] but because sports administers only think boys can run around and get sweaty, lots of girls are turned away. Has ANYONE watched "She's The Man"??!!

  • Are We Really Equal??

    There shouldnt be someone to say that so and so is a a girl sport, and this is a boys sport. If you are good at the sport you should be able to play it. You should be able to play against boys and not feel like you are not as good and are automatically going to lose.

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