Should there be established gender quotas for legislative assemblies?

  • There should be established gender quotas for legislative assemblies.

    There should be established gender quotas for legislative assemblies. Women have not have a large enough role in making the laws in many countries, especially America. The gender quota in the legislature should based on the gender population of the state or of the district, so that women have a better chance of making the law.

  • Merit not gender

    I just find the whole concept absolutely ludicrous. We don’t need to be so absolutist to prove that men and women have equal potential. Selection, election, etc should be based on merit, not gender. Sometimes men dominate a particular area, sometimes it’s women, and that’s ok. Gender quotas totally contradict themselves in what they’re they to achieve.

  • Gender has nothing to do with political potential

    Across the board I think we would be far better off staging requirements in terms of pure performance. If you can do the job, take the best candidates and let the pieces fall where they may.

    I guess I just prefer things to be fair, and don't see how a problem perceived as having its root in discrimination can be solved by introducing more discrimination.

  • Absolutely not. Ever

    I firmly believe that the most qualified people should get the job. Giving someone a job over a more qualified person JUST because of their gender will only cause a lowering in quality.

    All I ever hear are feminists complaining because they don't dominate. How about getting more qualified for the job, instead of yet another handout due to your breasts and vagina

  • The most qualified should win

    I do not think there should be established gender quotas for legislative assemblies because I think that the most qualified people, regardless of gender, should win. If that means more men win, fine. If it means more women win, great. Gender diversity is great but everyone should get voted on because of qualifications.

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