Should there be exceptions to gender equality in the workplace?

  • Gender Equality

    Yes, I do personally think that there should be some exceptions to gender equality in the workplace. Women in general, do have a harder time doing some tasks than men, and it would be silly to have them work them just because they have to have gender equality in the workplace.

  • Yes

    There are lots of jobs where the best person should have the job no matter if it is a male or female. I do not want a female firefighter that was twenty people less than a man trying to save my life when there was a better male but she was hired because she is female.

  • Equality isn't Always Equal

    Sometimes, gender equality in the workplace can be dangerous. Gender equality in the Army would place women directly in combat situations where they might be kidnapped and tortured. Gender equality in steelyards might require women to lift the same amount of weight as men, resulting in potential injury or plant accidents.

  • Yes, but only when it has to do with performance.

    I support gender equity in the vast majority of cases, but every now and then, there may be a job where men or women will significantly outperform the other gender. For example, rape counselors who counsel women (the majority of victims) should probably be female is most cases. Similarly, most firemen should be men unless a woman can meet the same physical demands.

  • I can't think of any good reason

    Gender equality has been a long fight that is still not completed, women still statistically make less for the same jobs. Putting further restrictions on gender equality when we haven't even arrived where we need to be as a society yet would send us in the wrong direction, back towards old ways that we have gotten past and should keep behind us.

  • Gender has nothing to do with employable skills

    Gender shouldn't be taken into account in the workplace. If someone is good at a job they should be hired regardless of gender. It may be in the case that men, who are typically physically stronger than women, are usually better at some jobs, but that doesn't mean no woman can do the job. We should hire people based on their skill level, not their gender.

  • There's no reason why.

    Gender equality does not mean hiring women simply because there aren't enough in the workspace; it means providing the same opportunities and salary to men and women. In fact, gender equality really means taking gender completely out of the equation of someone's job performance. If we make exceptions to rules about gender equality when we haven't actually reached it yet, there's no such thing as gender equality at all.

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PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-23T17:18:43.300
It doesn't matter what job a gender does as long as they meet the demands . Women are good firefighters . She will come in and rescue you. Everyone else is better at doing jobs then other people. As long as they meet expectations that's what matters. Someone might be better at bagging groceries than someone else but that doesn't mean they should get they job because they don't want it or they arnt hiring. And for the people who don't want women in construction cuz they might get hurt..U do realize men will get hurt right? A human is human, just cuz u r male doesn't mean ur incapable of getting hurt. Grow up and stop trying to make excuses.
dihle12 says2016-06-02T09:45:30.443
@plumbergirl the problem with females being fire fighters they are no where near as strong as males that's a fact like it or not as for construction same thing applies females don't have the strength males do its people like you that need to grow up male and female are not equal in many ways never will be